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Ningbo Haishu Hundreds of Cultural Events 2014-02-07


The red lanterns are hung high and the sound of the music is floating. During the Spring Festival holiday, Haishu District has carefully prepared a traditional Chinese and traditional Chinese New Year culture feast, which makes the culturally infested Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse extraordinarily warm. It is understood that during the Spring Festival, Haishu District organized more than 100 performances, exhibitions and folk cultural activities. This year's Spring Festival, Gulou and Nantang Old Streets continue their distinctive cultural features and launch various activities that reflect historical heritage and folk customs. Fashion shows, concerts, food festivals, music magic, kung fu performances... From the New Year's Day to the third day of the year, the Drum Towers staged a variety of cultural events every day along the historical and cultural districts. In Nantang Old Street, the flaming lanterns adorned the old streets with extraordinary enthusiasm. The tourists walked on the bluestone slabs, tasted the authentic traditional snacks of Ningbo, and sometimes stopped to appreciate the unique skills of folk artists, and sometimes took the camera to retain the joy of the New Year. At the same time, Haishu District Literary and Art Circle launched a "warm home road" photography art exhibition, 80 works reflecting the scenery of Haishu, placed in the waiting hall of Ningbo Railway Station, attracting many returning passengers to watch. The Calligraphers Association of the district organized well-known calligraphers in the Drum Tower, Yuehu Shengyuan and the community to volunteer to write Spring Festival couplets. The citizens not only enjoyed the live creation of the calligraphers, but also brought the Spring Festival couplets home. The district library was open to the public free of charge during the Spring Festival, giving the public a more "quiet" holiday event choice. In the various districts of Haishu, the wonderful programs compiled and performed by community literary enthusiasts have become another "point of view" for the Chinese New Year. In the Liyuan community, the new citizens who “washed their feet upstairs” sang “The Story of Spring” and expressed their ardent hope for future life. In the Lianbei community, the hand-made fashion shows performed by primary school students showed their concern for eco-environmental protection. . The reporter learned that as early as the Spring Festival, the Haishu District Government put the Huimin policy into practice, and the Propaganda Department of the District Party Committee took the lead and united the streets to prepare a wonderful cultural feast for the citizens. Before and after the Lantern Festival, the theme activities will be staged in Haishu. For example, in Nantang Old Street, there are folklore series activities. There are traditional lantern exhibitions and marquerite parades along the Drum Tower. There will also be large-scale Lantern Festival and Touring Lantern Festival in Zhongshan Square.