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Ninghai Qiantong Ancient Town Yuanxiao guild debut CCTV documentary 2014-02-08


From 10:00 every night from January 31st to February 4th, CCTV's 9 sets of "Time" columns broadcast five episodes of the documentary "Spring Festival", as one of the representatives of the traditional Chinese New Year culture, the guild and drum pavilion of Qiantong Ancient Town in Ninghai. The final axis is broadcast in the sheet. It is understood that the documentary "Spring Festival" is a program specially recorded by the Central Committee as the Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse. It is divided into five themes of reunion, sacrifice, exorcism, blessing, and arrogance. It selects stories of families and characters from 10 different regions in China. . In the documentary, the former Children's Association, with its long history, rich cultural connotations and unique folklore interpretations, showcases the Chinese people's taste with the customs of Heilongjiang and Shaanxi. The former children's guild was broadcast as a finale of the documentary "Spring Festival". The film not only showed the lively scene of the Nineteenth Tongzheng month 14th guild, the fireworks, the lanterns, but also the protection of the local Tong family members. The story of the twenty-one-bar drum pavilion, such as the Gongzhong Pavilion, which has been in existence for hundreds of years, reflects the endless stream of Chinese traditional culture.