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“The New Year in the Museum” is a new fashion culture 2014-02-08


During the Spring Festival, it is a new culture of urban folks to bring the young people to the museum and enjoy the spring activities of Ningbo. The reporter learned from the Ningbo Museum yesterday that from the first day to the seventh day, the Ningbo Museum has received more than 70,000 visitors, a record high. According to the staff of the Ningbo Museum, the Spring Festival Museum of the Year of the Horse is free and open to the public. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, there are citizens coming to the door. The peak period is in the second, third and fourth days. Many citizens support the old and bring the young three generations together. The museum has passed the cultural year. A young man surnamed Liu has been visiting the museum since the opening of the museum. He said that he can feel the taste of old Ningbo in the museum. It is understood that the general public favors museums, in addition to the increasing emphasis on spiritual culture, it also benefits from the concept of building a "people's museum" in Ningbo Museum. During the New Year of this year, the Ningbo Museum arranged a variety of spring activities to bring the traditional Chinese New Year “tricks” into the museum, and restore the lively New Year scenes of the old streets and old streets. During the Spring Festival, the Ningbo Museum promoted three major exhibitions: “Fu Manyu City”—the National Palace Museum’s Classical Model Exhibition, China's ancient wall bottle boutique exhibition. The entire pavilion is full of auspicious New Year's atmosphere. Many visitors should go to the entrance to the red "Fu" word carved wall window at the entrance. The special stamping and stamping experience activities in the exhibition hall were also well received by tourists. The citizens shouted "Fo Fu" and put a "Fu" seal on the special folding seal to take the New Year greetings home. . This year is the Year of the Horse. The Ningbo Museum specially invited the old horse lantern team in Jinshan Village to let the lanterns run in the museum. The "big head monk" is guided by the fan, the colorful bamboo horse, the jingle lantern and the thousands of turns of the erhu. The sound of the loud copper cymbals attracted the audience to a three-story, three-story, three-story, camera, camera, and mobile phone flash. In addition, the youth exploration experience as a brand event of the Ningbo Museum has also been well received by the public. During the Spring Festival, the museum arranged lantern production (New Year's Day), traditional paper-cut (New Year's Day), and inscriptions (New Year's Day). These activities attracted the participation of children, and even adults could not help but interact. The tip of the nose was stained with ink, and the newly bought clothes were glued with red shredded paper, in exchange for bursts of laughter.