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"80s" Returnees pay attention to the left-behind children's local movie "Broken Five" 2014-02-10


The picture shows some of the main creations at the boot site. (Photo by Nanhua) Yesterday afternoon, in the first year of the Year of the Year of the Year of the Snow, the film "Broken Five", which was produced by four 80-year-old returnees from the city, was launched. This is a black humorous light comedy with the theme of "left-behind children". The film is more than 90 minutes long. It tells the story of a pair of left-behind brothers and thieves in the first month of the town of Jiangnan. The thief is finally innocent and abandoning evil. Good, change evil and return to justice. The title of "Breaking Five" can be described as a pun: one refers to my national customs. People have many taboos in the first day of the first month of the first month. After the fifth day, they are all broken. It means that the new year begins and everything can be restarted. Second, "Breaking the Five" and "breaking the Wu" said that it would break your own bad habits, reflect on the mistakes, and shape the new one. The strength of the director Song Qi yesterday with all the main creative debut. The writer and producer is Wenlong from the military family; the mainland children's star Huang Shijia and Hu Hongyu play the left-behind brothers and sisters. Huang Shijia is the youngest undergraduate student at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He is now the small host of the Jiangsu Children's Channel. Film and television works. The 9-year-old Hu Hongyu is a third-grade elementary school student in Beijing; the young actor is a high-profile thief who returns to humanity; CCTV host Huang Yufei plays the female police officer. The producers are Liu Junyi, Chen Yang, Zhou Mingjie and Qian Kui, who are studying in the overseas countries. It is reported that the film will be filmed throughout the city, and will show the regional characteristics of Ningbo, such as Bailiang Bridge and its mountains, and strive to meet the audience in the second half of this year.