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Ningbo Year of the Horse Lantern Festival is a good event, and many activities are waiting for you to participate. 2014-02-11


People say that there are three strange things in the Year of the Horse: two springs, in September, the Lantern Festival meets Valentine's Day. This year's Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day come together, and it is a joy to celebrate. In fact, the ancient Lantern Festival is a Valentine's Day with Chinese traditional culture. The Lantern Festival is a romantic opportunity for the unmarried men and women. Unmarried men and women can look for the right person by looking at the lanterns. They feel that "there are thousands of people looking for him, and when they look back, the person is in the dim light" A moment. In order to let the general public pass a Lantern Festival with a strong traditional culture, the cultural department of the city has launched many special events. On the afternoon of February 13th, the Ningbo Museum will hold a “Yuan Lan Lantern Production Activity”, inviting professional teachers to teach the public to make lanterns. On the afternoon of February 14th and 15th, “The whole family will have fun – Yuan Zhen guess riddle activity”, and prepare Special blessing bag, built-in practical small gifts, for the audience who participated in and guessed the riddle; Baoguo Temple will hold the "King Gu Jian Guessing Riddle" in the Tianwang Temple Square on the 15th - Baoguo Temple Ancient Building Knowledge 100 Culture Activities; Ningbo Concert Hall also launched a number of performances around the Lantern Festival, which are the 11th "Amusement Spring, Zheng He Yuan Zhen", the rhythm and zither hall concert, and the 14th Ningbo Muse Art. The school’s New Year concert and the “To Spring-Yujin Teacher’s Student Concert” on the 15th; the Qing’an Club will hold the “Spring Festival Sanjiang Fenglaixiang Horses and Horses” in the Yuanxiao Festival on the 12th. The citizens can participate in the interaction. Non-genetic inheritance activities, carrying out a series of traditional cultural activities such as Bao Yuanzhang, Pinyuan, Yuanxiao and lanterns, hanging lanterns, guessing riddles, etc., experiencing wonderful folk culture; Ningbo Cultural Square Science Exploration Center On the 14th held a small music Happy winter vacation Small scientific riddles music activities. In addition, Nantang Old Street will hold a series of folk activities. There are lantern exhibitions and marquerite parades along the Drum Tower. Zhongshan Square also arranges large-scale activities such as Lantern Festival and Touring Lantern Festival. In addition to the urban area, various counties (cities) districts have also prepared large-scale events. Yuyao will host the 8th Lantern Festival in Wuxiao, Chunxiao and Qimen Town. From February 12th to 14th, there will be a “Fuman Gate”. Folk art parade activities, Lantern Festival martial arts fitness special, Xie's Ancestral ritual activities, paper-cutting love, Chinese dreams - boutique small town "Jun Ma Cup" paper-cuting contest and "flowers flying dance Lantern Festival" guess riddles and other activities; in Zhenhai, Yingchun Nafu·Happiness The 13th Zhaobao Lantern Festival in Zhenhai continued until the 15th of the first month of the first month of the first month. The Lantern Festival used the superb lanterns of Sichuan Zigong. There were three sets of lanterns and 24 sets of different themes, including the group horse. Yingchun, "Charming China Red", "Living in Ningbo" and so on. At the same time, 24 groups of theme lighting scenes are also integrated with the scenic spots along the river, and innovative use of LED lighting, so that the entire river along the river road presents a fascinating scene of fire and trees. In addition to the Lantern Festival, the Zhenhai Yuanxiao Literary Evening Party with the theme of “Ma Teng Sheng Shi·Shoufu Zhaobao” will be unveiled at the Great Hall of the People on the evening of February 14; in Ninghai, in addition to the prestigious Qiantong Town Qiantong Village On February 13th and 14th, the former Tongyuan Lantern Festival will be held. On February 12th, Shantou Village will hold the "Yuan Lan Lan Festival". Xiqiao Village will hold the "Last Moon 18th Night" on February 17th. ".