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The added value of Zhangzhou cultural industry exceeded 7 billion yuan 2014-02-12


The reporter learned from the cultural department of Yinzhou District yesterday that the latest statistics show that in 2013, the added value of the cultural industry in the district reached 7 billion yuan, accounting for 6% of the GDP, the industry scale ranked first in the city, and the existing cultural enterprises in the district nearly 3000. Four of them were selected as “national cultural export key enterprises”, and five enterprises (parks) were included in the “122” project of provincial cultural industry development, and there were 7 cultural industry demonstration bases above city level (including one at the national level). . It is understood that there are a number of “national-level” leading enterprises in the cultural industry in Yinzhou District. Under their leadership, the cultural industry has developed rapidly. These leading enterprises include Ningbo Shuimu Animation Design Co., Ltd. and Walt Disney (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ningbo. Branch and Lesheng Culture started the film production and production base of Lesheng Culture Industrial Park and Feng Xiaogang, and now there are 151 cultural enterprises with a registered capital of more than 10 million yuan, and 4 enterprises are selected as “National Cultural export key enterprises." In addition, Zhangzhou also focuses on creating the national animation game original industry base, the national advertising area of ​​the southern business district, the Ningbo Military Science Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ningbo Science and Technology Park of the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, the Science and Technology Information Incubation Park, and the Zhangzhou Software Animation Creative Park. A number of cultural industrial parks such as Ningbo Digital Media Industrial Park, Ningbo Lesheng Cultural Industry Park, Liangzhu Cultural Industrial Park and Bayia Creative Valley have accelerated a number of cultural industries such as OCT, Universal City, Moore, Leap Time and Ningbo Antique City. In the construction of complexes, the radiation belts of key parks and complexes will be brought into full play, and the industrial agglomeration effect will be brought into play to achieve intensive development. Among them, the key projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan will have a 10-billion-scale Ningbo OCT tourism comprehensive project, a 5 billion yuan global city cultural tourism commercial complex project, and a Liangzhu cultural tourism block and its mountain cultural tourism block. , Tiantong tourism block, etc.