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"Yuan Lan Festival", "Valentine's Day", "World Tolerance Day", "World Laugh Day"... 365 days a year, how many days are festivals, you know? 2014-02-12


February 14th, the day after tomorrow, is the most familiar "Western Valentine's Day", and it happens to be China's Lantern Festival. How many festivals are so many, I believe many people have this feeling. After entering the word "festival" on the Internet, the reporter found that if you don't know it, you will be scared! The number of festivals and anniversaries in the year exceeds 200, which is equivalent to one festival after less than one day. In addition to festivals such as “New Year’s Day”, “Spring Festival” and “Children’s Day”, there are many very special days like “World Toilet Day”, such as “International Left-handed Day” and “World Challenge to Human Body Conditions”. "World laughter day"... In addition to traditional festivals, a number of "unpopular" festivals are not known. Mr. Guo said frankly: I don’t know how many festivals there are every year, because it’s impossible to go every time, but it’s still necessary to know. In the traditional festival of the Spring Festival, the reporter will take you to learn about these various festivals - there are more than 200 festivals every year, most festivals you may not know "Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Christmas, Valentine's Day, April Fool's Day, these festivals compare Cooked, many other days do not pay much attention to it." A citizen told reporters that there are too many festivals and anniversaries, and he can't figure it out. The reporter interviewed more than 20 citizens randomly. Most of them can only tell some common five or six festivals. How many festivals are there in a year? No one can answer it. After reviewing the information, the reporter found that during the year, there were more than 200 traditional Chinese festivals, foreign traditional festivals, international days, and international anniversaries, and they are still increasing year by year. It is reported that from 2000 to 2006, nearly 30 anniversary days have been added in just six years, such as "World Sleep Day" and "World Heart Day". As China's opening up to the outside world continues to expand, China and the world's organizations, Chinese culture and foreign cultures continue to deepen exchanges. A large number of foreign traditional holidays and international anniversaries have poured into the lives of Chinese people. The Christmas festivals such as "Christmas", "Valentine's Day" and "Mother's Day" have become part of people's daily lives. When the festival comes one after another, it will inevitably "crash" in time, that is, the phenomenon of one day and many festivals. On March 21 this year, it is the World Forest Day, the World Children's Song Day, or the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On October 10, it is both the anniversary of the 1911 Revolution and the World Mental Health Day. According to statistics from the reporters, over the course of the year, the number of festival days of “crashing” has more than 20 days. In addition to the “crash” in time, there are many festival contents “crash”. Like the familiar traditional festival Tanabata and Western Valentine's Day "crash", the "International Meteorological Festival" on February 10 and the "World Meteorological Day" on March 23 also "crash" on the content. Through online search, the reporter found that most of the festivals that have “crash” on the content, different aspects are mainly to commemorate the different subjects, that is, for different official institutions or academic institutions. Going out in the morning, as soon as you see the display panels on the street and hang red banners, many people will discuss them in unison: "Is it a festival today?" Indeed, like "Tree Planting Festival", "Lei Feng Memorial Day", etc. Festivals, setting up the streets, issuing leaflets, etc. have become the necessary "program processes" for many units. But many times, the anniversary is just a stage for some units to show their achievements. The reporter found through investigation that the "International Volunteer Day", "World Autism Awareness Day" and "World No Tobacco Day" and other festivals are festivals that many citizens hope to dig deeper in their connotations. Ms. Wang told the reporter, "For example, the 'World Smile Day' on May 8th every year, as the saying goes, 'smile and laugh for ten years.' Laughing is an important part of life and life. It is vital to human health. Important. Smile is not only an expression, but also a kind of feeling. It is a magic weapon to close the distance between people and a catalyst for harmonious interpersonal relationship.” Ms. Wang said that the in-depth promotion of such festivals will improve the quality and improvement of the citizens. Social harmony has a positive effect, and government departments or some civil organizations and mass media should vigorously promote. The name and origin of many festivals are unclear, mainly because of the lack of common sense. "January 27 is the International Day to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust? There are so many massacres in modern times. Is this to commemorate the victims of the massacre?" Mr. Chen asked inexplicably. For such a problem, it is absolutely unclear for people who do not understand the origins of this festival to look at the words. This is the United Nations General Assembly adopted a joint proposal by Israel and 104 countries by consensus in November 2005 to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp on January 27, 1945. “Health Day” is so many people aiming to remind people to pay attention to their health. Many citizens said that the “health day” appeared frequently: National Love Day, World Sleep Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World Leprosy Prevention Disease Day, World Cancer Day, National Vaccination Promotion Day, World Asthma Day, World Hypertension Day, World Parkinson's Disease Day... Reporter's rough statistics, in more than 200 festivals and anniversaries, health-related More than 70, involving nearly 20 diseases such as leprosy, cancer, tuberculosis, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, AIDS, asthma, and men's health. It is understood that the "health day" was first established by the World Health Organization, and these festivals are often named after the "world" and "international". In recent years, the health department of our country has also continuously added a "health day" to the characteristics of the country's human body. Generally speaking, it is called a certain day in China and a certain day in the country. The purpose of setting up these health festivals is undoubtedly to raise people's concern for their own health, and different festivals have different reasons and purposes. After contact with doctors in many hospitals, the reporter learned that some health days were set up to arouse people's attention to the recent high incidence. For example, since 2001, China has determined September 21st of each year as "world senile dementia." The Disease Awareness Day aims to raise public awareness of Alzheimer's disease; in 1998, the Ministry of Health decided to set October 8th of each year as “National Hypertension Day” to raise awareness among residents about the dangers of hypertension and mobilize The whole society has participated in the prevention and control of hypertension and popularized the knowledge of hypertension prevention and treatment. Some “health days” are set up to increase the awareness of certain uncommon diseases. For example, starting in 1997, April 11th of each year is designated as “World Parkinson Day”, which is the earliest description of this disease. Dr. Jin Sen’s birthday. There are also some health days to send reminders and warnings to potential high-income people, such as the AIDS Day. During the interview, the reporter found that although the “Health Day” was set up a lot, the public’s awareness of “Health Day” was not high. In this regard, some insiders feel that the "health day" propaganda is not enough, and there are many forms. Dr. Huang, who works in the hospital, admits that every time he goes to a "health day", the hospital basically follows the same model. While holding a free clinic, hanging banners and distributing promotional materials for only half a day, "the whole event is only for It’s not very meaningful to hold it. At the same time, Mr. Cai, who works in a foreign trade company, said: “The festival like Love Eye Day has changed its taste and has become a festival for business promotion products.” Experts on how to effectively carry out “Health Day” are experts. On the one hand, we should increase the propaganda of various "health days". The time should not be only one day, but should be extended as long as possible, for example, three to five days, or even one week. On the other hand, improving health literacy cannot rely solely on "health." The day also requires residents to pay attention to various health knowledge from daily life. Relevant institutions such as hospitals and health departments should also do a good job in publicity. Another key word for the increase in anniversaries is "environmental protection." The appearance of these anniversaries is not a happy thing for humans. The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought tells people how many places are facing the threat of drought; "Protection of Mother River Day" and "World Water Day" are also warnings to people because of the reduction of valuable water resources. By searching on the Internet, people can find more than 20 festivals about environmental protection. The reason for finding these festivals is to promote the importance of the environment to human survival and development, to arouse the awareness of governments and people to protect the environment, and to mobilize All forces take action to protect the environment, leaving a viable environment for humans and future generations. In addition to these two types of festivals and anniversaries, there are many festivals that focus on special people and special occupations, such as May Day International Labor Day, May Fourth Youth Day, Children's Day, and International Police Day, International Nurses Day. There are about 40 Chinese sailing days and World Post Days in the year. Many festivals are full of humanistic care. Like the World Tolerance Day on November 16, the World UNESCO called on the entire society to popularize tolerance education, calling on different peoples to understand each other's culture, respect each other and live in harmony. At the same time, emphasize tolerance. Education must be taken from children, and parents should pay special attention to the impact that their words and deeds may have on their children. I hope that there will be a "Reunion Festival" every month. This is a festival that is no longer too greasy. February 14th is the most familiar "Western Valentine's Day", but in the West, every 14th of every month is crowned. Various names of "Valentine's Day". Now, some citizens have started all kinds of "Chinese and foreign Valentine's Day", plus "May Valentine's Day" on May 20th ("520" is "I love you"), more than ten "Valentine's Day" in one year. "It is annoying." Unlike the "Valentine's Day" that has been overwhelmed, many citizens admit that they hope to have a "reunion festival" every month. "The usual work is too busy for weekends. From Monday to Friday, the leaders do not agree to leave." "Besides getting sick, I really don't dare to take time off." "At work, the pressure of competition is getting bigger and bigger. The performance immediately fell." "The unit is not enough, I am really embarrassed to take the annual vacation." ... In the past few days, the reporter interviewed 22 people in the business unit, foreign trade company work after 70, 80, as the unit The backbone, they often endure the greatest work pressure. After the establishment of the family, the 70s and 80s really realized the hardships of their parents. At this stage, in addition to struggling at work, in life, many people are more willing to spend their free time with their parents, spend more time with them, or take them out to travel. "In addition to the Spring Festival, National Day will go home, the usual holiday can not find time to return to Ningbo." Mr. Li, who works in Hunan, said that if you set up some "reunion festival", then you have the opportunity to spend more time with your parents at home. Parents spend the holidays together. The mother of Miss Wang, who had had a major operation for lung cancer last year, admitted that she cherished her time with her family. "Recently, my mother's body has recovered very well. For this reason, my husband and I will go to the surrounding areas of the province with my parents on weekends. If you walk around and see, the mental outlook will be much better." Miss said that for her, every weekend is a "reunion festival". "When I was a child, my parents gave us endless love. When we grow up, we should do our part to filial parents." In fact, one year passed. How many festivals and anniversaries have you made, who can make it clear? When the public Mr. Zhou had a blessing message in the first few days of the Spring Festival, he had already begun to think about the new year, how to express his sympathy to the lover's relatives on these special days of Valentine's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. "At least the festival gives people the reason to get together and start paying attention to a certain issue. This is a reminder to seriously think about the true meaning of these days. This is enough." He believes that to understand the source of these festivals, we will Have more knowledge of the world, life and yourself.