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Haicang launches more than 50 Lantern Festival activities 2014-02-14


With the approaching of the 15th of the first month of the first month, the Haitang area has successively staged the activities of the Lantern Festival, setting off a festive and peaceful holiday atmosphere. Thanks to the cultural Huimin project, during the Lantern Festival this year, various communities in Haishu have set up stage at home, and a group of “grassroots” people and literary enthusiasts presented wonderful performances for the residents. The Wangong Community held a grand parade of the “Horse Horses and Spring Festivals” folk art and parade. The 11 drums, the big head doll team and the horse riding team composed of community residents performed “stepping on the street” performances to make the people along the way enjoy their eyes. . The Peony community has vacated the venue, and has collected more than 300 riddles and more than 100 garbage classification knowledge on the card, attracting many children to scramble to guess the riddle. The Xinxing Community launched the Yuanxiao parent-child activities, and the Lotus Bridge Community held a low-carbon lantern show event, which is quite unique. It is understood that during the Lantern Festival, there are more than 50 celebrations in Haishu District. Apart from the traditional large-scale light show along Tianyi Square, Nantang Old Street and Drum Tower, the rest are the guessing riddles, lanterns and products held by various communities. Activities such as the Tangyuan and the gardening on the street allow the residents to have a Lantern Festival at their doorstep.