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National-level non-legacy four Mingnan word inheritance and new seedlings 2014-02-18


During the Lantern Festival, four children appeared on the old stage of the Drum Tower and presented the audience with an opening song of the four Mingnan poems. The four children aged 8 to 12 years old are small students of the national level. So far, within four years, the four Mingnan words have cultivated two batches of six inheritors, and the ancient art has achieved the passing of the fire and no longer faces the situation of lack of success. The reporter learned from the Haishu District Cultural Center that six small students were led by Chen Xueyu, the inheritor of Si Mingnan, Chen Xiangyuan and Qian Yuanming as teaching assistants. Under the guidance of three teachers, Tang Yaqin, Huang Min, Shao Pinyu and other students have learned seven. The opening of the Shounan word and the three episodes of "He Wenxiu", two preludes and other preludes, and many times staged to participate in various performances in the city and district. In July last year, the district’s cultural center, the Siming South phrase, recruited other students such as He Wei, Chen Yuhan, and Wu Yizhen. Although they were young, they were very diligent in studying the four Mingnan words. After less than half a year of training, the young students had already begun. Mastered the basic vocal, singing skills and three-stringed and sly performance skills of the South, and also learned two opening. In addition to cultivating a new generation of inheritors, the old artists of Si Ming Nan Ci also created a lot of new songs, such as Li Chenglong and others wrote a new opening, "Alainbo welcomes you", Chen Xueyu participated in the "Top Ten Moral Models" and other new The second creation of the work, and edited and adapted many opening and short bibliographies, and carried out a new vocal design for the excellent traditional bibliography "He Wenxiu", "fruit report", "Yu Yu", etc., and taught them to the students.