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Former children raise the hall and play the antique city 2014-02-19


Ninghai Lifting Court On the 16th, Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage - Ninghai Qian Tongyuan's Lifting Pavilion held a meeting with the citizens in Ningbo Antique City. The interpretation of traditional culture is the essence of the public. The event will last until the 23rd of this month. According to the records, the Ninghai Qiantong Elevation Guild began in the middle of the Ming Dynasty and was held in the late Qing Dynasty. It is used to commemorate the achievements of the ancestors, pray for the harvest and celebrate the activities. It is mainly performed by means of Ming Qun, lifting the drum pavilion, and releasing flowers. During the event, there were colorful boats, drum pavilions and lion dances and dragon dances. They were guided by Longqi, drums and drums all the way, the sound of guns and the sound of people, and the team rushed into and out of Ningbo Antique City. This exciting and enthusiastic scene, if not immersed in the scene, it is difficult to imagine such a seductive charm. A person in charge of Ningbo Antique City said that the preparatory activities will invite the original class, including the color boat team, the drum pavilion and the lion dance, the dragon dance and other complete projects, "every local event, along the way The drums are humming, the sound of the cannons is loud, and the display team is full of endless tens of thousands of people.