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Written in a love story, usually love to read Zhang Ailing's novels 2014-02-19


Qian Jiaxin in life. At the 16th National New Concept Composition Competition held at the end of last month, Qian Jiaxin, a high school (10) class student of Zhangzhou High School, won the first prize of the highest prize. This is the highest award currently won in the essay competition in Zhangzhou. The "New Concept Composition Competition" is an influential essay competition in the country. It has excavated a group of post-80s writers such as Han Han, Guo Jingming and Zhang Yueran. Qian Jiaxin has signed a contract with Xiamen University. If the score of the college entrance examination reaches a score, he will enter Xiamen University. About the game imitating Zhang Ailing wrote a novel about the 4,000-word novel concept essay contest, which has been influential among the students. It has been held for 16 consecutive times. Each year, there are 50,000 or 60,000 students enrolling, and Han Han and Guo Jingming have been excavated. Batch of post-80 writers. Qian Jiaxin was participating for the first time this time. However, she not only wrote articles for her own submission, but also encouraged other school members to participate in the same journal. The results received nine articles, and two of them also won the second prize. The competition is divided into three groups: junior high school, high school and university. The essay topic is the same. It is required to write a good article within three hours. The number of words and style is not limited. This essay has two topics, one is a proposition essay, written with the title "Thirteenth Constellation". Another question is to depict a scene in which a person plunges from a reed and asks to imitate "Dream of Red Mansions", or Zhang Ailing, or Shen Congwen's style to write. Although I feel that the first question is less restrictive and the imagination space is larger, Qian Jiaxin feels familiar because she has seen some of Zhang Ailing's works, so she chooses the second question. In this novel, Qian Jiaxin imitated Zhang Ailing's background in the Republic of China, and liked to highlight the emotions of the characters and wrote a story based on love. "About more than 4,000 words, written about two hours, I feel more fluid." Qian Jiaxin said. Qian Jiaxin told reporters that this novel has no special plot. The main line is a love story. The highlight is the turbulence of the times and the demise of personal destiny. It may be that the imitation is more like and has been recognized by the judges. Regarding reading and watching Zhang Ailing and Kafka's performance on this "new concept", Qian Jiaxin believes that it is mainly due to the usual reading and accumulation. Wang Anyi, Zhang Ailing, Xi Murong, Hai Zi, and Kafka from abroad are all writers like Qian Jiaxin. The works of these writers are also seen more. Because the study in junior high school is relatively tight, Qian Jiaxin's reading time is very fragmented, and there is very little time to study. "Sometimes I read it at school, sometimes when I take a break on Sunday. I will read some books before going to bed in high school." A recent book that Qian Jiaxin saw was Yu Hua's "Alive", but she also lamented that she was a senior. Later, the parents hoped that she would spend more time on her homework. “The class teacher often patrols the class.” Therefore, the literary works have been read less, and I still read some books last semester. I haven’t seen a novel until this semester. In writing, Qian Jiaxin said that his writing is not too much. Although he began to contribute in primary school, the real novel was written from high school. Due to the needs of the exam, I usually write more essays in the examination room, and the creative works are rarely written, just write them at the time of the competition. Qian Jiaxin has won awards in many essay competitions, but the most written ones are still novels. She believes that the novel is more story-telling, the plot is more detailed, the writing is more able to convey emotions, and it is more fluid, but the prose is not very good at it. Qian Jiaxin wrote the longest novel with more than 10,000 words. This "Sunlight Flowing Red Makeup" finally gave her the honor of the 6th Zhejiang "Star of Youth Literature". Chinese teacher: There is always a novel at the table. In the eyes of the Chinese teacher Tian Ronghua, Qian Jiaxin is a relatively awkward girl. She is an introverted type. She usually likes to read books and looks complicated. Lu Xun, Zhang Ailing, etc. Everyone's book likes to watch. The books of young writers after 80s and 90s also like to watch. Tian Ronghua has been a language teacher of Qian Jiaxin since the beginning of the semester. The two have a lot of communication in writing. Every time Qian Jiaxin writes a good article, he will take the initiative to ask Mr. Tian to correct it. "At the beginning, her writing level was average, not good, but there was literary talent; in the year of high school, there was a qualitative leap in writing." Tian Ronghua said. When Qian Jiaxin was a high school, he liked to write through novels and write for fun. Later, Teacher Tian guided her to write something she wanted to express. She introduced Zhang Chengzhi’s "Black Horse" and "Gone with the Wind" in the classroom and broadened it. Her vision has increased the thickness of her thoughts. Teacher Tian sometimes gives her a more difficult writing task, such as writing a 3,000-word novel with the theme of "sunshine" on winter holidays. "It is in this homework that Qian Jiaxin reflects her progress." Tian Ronghua said that although the previous article is good, but the theme is not clear enough and lacks depth, this time she has handed over two more than 5,000. The novel, technique and depth of the word have a big breakthrough. Teacher Tian said that the reason why Qian Jiaxin can make such progress is that she has talents on the one hand and a great relationship with her acquired ability on the other. Although it is already a senior year, there is always a book at the table of Qian Jiaxin, mostly novels.