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"Eye-oriented" gradually became a climate 2014-02-20


Cultural and creative works (material pictures) displayed on the creative market. On February 23, the 117 Art Center of Ningbo Cultural Center will hold the 7th Creative Market “Tianyi Deep Water”. The Eyes and Creative Market is organized by three art youths among the citizens. Since its establishment in August last year, it has held six creative markets with different themes on a monthly basis. Ten thousand people. According to the curator of the Eyes and Creative Market, “The so-called creative market is an emerging communication model that emerges in the development of creative industries, aiming to provide open and diverse creations for all kinds of emerging designers and artists. Environment and display platform, advocating personal creativity and spiritual innovation, encouraging creative careers, especially emphasizing cultural value-added beyond the practical value of products, services, etc. for culture, art, design, etc., is a creative and commercialization of creative works. Experimental stage. Although the city's introduction of market culture is relatively late, in the case of the development of cultural and creative industries, the creative market is getting more and more fire, whether it is the scale or the transaction volume, even surpassing Hangzhou and catching up with Shanghai." It is reported that the creative market is dominated by the word "creative". For example, the "Tianyi Deepwater" creative market held by the 117 Art Center hopes that the culture buried deep in the corner of Ningbo will be displayed in front of everyone, and will show film, costume, Divination, street shooting, folk songs, tattoos, hand-made works, art exhibitions, public welfare and other cultural elements, not only from Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou State, Wenzhou, Taizhou and other stall owners in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, there are more creative people from other provinces. The organizer also invited the creative team Qingchen tryken crew. This independent young artist group founded in 2009 is composed of five young artists. It is a collection of graffiti communication, brand crossover, graphic design, independent image, tattoo culture. A new type of creative unit that integrates a series of culture and art. The curator said: "The main form of the creative market now combines lectures, small concerts, street cultural performances, screenings, creative competitions, etc. Each time the market is a carnival-style gathering of young cultural talents." Many international metropolises such as London, Paris, and Tokyo all have their own creative markets, and these cities integrate the starting point for new designers and artists to spread their careers. Ningbo's creative market is mainly held at the 117 Art Center, Haishu Xinzhi No. 8 loft Creative Park and the University Campus. Ningbo Eyes has successfully held the “Eye of the Eyes Creative Market: Initial Stage”, “Mid-Autumn Festival Plan”, “Chongyang Pension”, “Mobile Circus”, “Scientific Exploration”, “Miscellaneous” Cultural and creative products such as fashion design, hand-made works, fashion dresses, toy boutiques, book records, craft gifts, etc., which are popular in different themes such as Tianting, are also popular among Ningbo citizens. The curator said: "In fact, the openness and artistic acceptance of Ningbo citizens are very high, and they are willing to try all kinds of novel art cultures. The Ningbo Cultural Center 117 Art Center is dedicated to letting people who love creative life in Ningbo pass the market. The lower cost shows itself, and at the same time, the Ningbo people can easily bring the innovative art home.” The person in charge of the 117 Art Center of the City Cultural Center believes that the creative market can effectively construct the interaction between the designer and the quality life leader. The exchange platform accelerates the pace of independent innovation through design, discovers outstanding talents, encourages and drives Chinese companies to pay attention to the design and development of original products with independent intellectual property rights. Ningbo's eye-catching creative market has become famous in the Yangtze River Delta area. Each market can set up more than 40 booths, which not only attracts a large number of young people and college students from Ningbo, but also Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Shanghai. Independent designers, travel enthusiasts, antique collectors, and folk craftsmen came here, and 80 and 90 later became the main force.