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Carpet-style cultural relics safety inspection in Yinzhou District 2014-02-21


At the beginning of the new year, the Cangzhou District Cultural Management Office conducted a carpet-type safety inspection of all the cultural protection units (points) in the district, and the inspection work was completed in the past. There are more than 400 cultural protection units and cultural relics at all levels in Yinzhou District. Apart from ancient buildings, many are bridges, tombs, stone carvings, etc. distributed in the wild. The inspection work is not enough. For this reason, the unified guidance of the District Administration Office Next, 116 amateur civilian security guards participated in the operation. Everyone inspected the security situation of the cultural relics, safety facilities and equipment, thermal power oil and gas management, and surrounding fire prevention environment, and strengthened security software such as duty system, plan drills, and fire department linkages with public security organs, and found more than 20 places. The problem is mainly the phenomenon of insects, aging of components, moisture and moisture in ancient buildings. The field artifacts are mainly weathering problems, and a number of fire-fighting equipments need to be replaced. After the records of these problems were summarized, the staff of the document management office timely carried out the work of repairing registration and replacing equipment.