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Zhou Lin: Cheng Huaxia's clothing crown 2014-02-24


The picture shows the women's adult ceremony organized by the Ningbo Hanfu Association. (Image courtesy of respondents) 甬上衣冠,礼承华夏. In June last year, Ningbo Hanfu Association was formally established. As a non-profit organization, “we tried to reactivate the vitality of traditional Chinese culture through the carrier of Hanfu,” said Zhou Lin, president of the association. Zhou Lin is an ordinary company employee. She told reporters that the company does not allow employees to engage in sideline business. However, for the “sideline business” she is currently operating, the company leaders agree with it and give it as much support as possible. Zhou Lin University is reading Chinese language and literature, and it is often in contact with some scholars. At the party, everyone wore a wide variety of costumes, including Chinese costumes, cheongsams, and Hanfu. This led to her thinking about traditional costumes. "China has 56 ethnic groups. The other 55 ethnic groups often wear their own national costumes. Why are the Han people alone? Lost her own traditional costume?” She began to collect information on this, and was surprised to find that there is a group dedicated to promoting Hanfu in the country, and there is such a group in Ningbo. Excited, Zhou Lin joined the Hanfu exchange QQ group called "The Spirit of the Han". Zhou Lin clearly remembers that the first time she wore Hanfu on the street was on the seventh night of 2009. "The dress that I wore that day was my first Han Chinese dress, and it still has a collection." Zhou Lin recalled, "At the moment of stepping out of the house, the pressure in my heart is still relatively large. I feel it when I walk down the street. Someone looked at the Chinese clothes and whispered in my clothes: 'Is it a kimono?' Someone said directly to me, 'This person’s brain is not normal!' At that time, my heart was mixed and very uncomfortable.” Why wear yourself? The appearance of national costumes in the public view will be regarded as "heterogeneous"? Zhou Lin clearly realized that due to historical reasons, Hanfu and other traditional Chinese cultures have a fault of three hundred years, and today the Han people have almost forgotten their roots. “Our initial scale was only a QQ group consisting of dozens of people, but the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the group is a predecessor who is proficient in Sinology. These teachers’ teaching philosophy of traditional culture is elite and tends to communicate in a small scope. It’s a bit of a taste of self-entertainment. But I think that we are not only the inheritors, but also the communicators, so that more Han compatriots should join the team. Later the teachers gradually retired, I use me. The idea of ​​stumbling with this organization has come to the present.” In order to allow the public to participate in the Hanfu revival movement, in the past few years, Zhou Lin and “Tongpao” have organized dozens of traditional cultural theme practice activities. "The funds for the activities at that time were all made by our members." Zhou Lin said, "The funds are not a problem, but the venue is difficult to find. Many venue sponsors don't understand us." In order to regularize the activities, it is also possible to get With social recognition, Zhou Lin began to think about how to get official recognition. On June 10 last year, with the support of Zhenhai District Civilization Office and Zhenhai District Civil Affairs Bureau, Ningbo Hanfu Association was formally established. After the establishment of the association, Zhou Lin organized a number of theme activities, such as the men's crown ceremony, the Qixi Garden Party, the National Studies Hall and so on. "'Grounding gas' is the basic idea of ​​my organization's activities. Traditional culture can't be shelved, refused to be thousands of miles away, but wants to re-interpret the elements of the times." Zhou Lin said she once thought about giving up because the 6-year-old daughter is sick and sick. Her husband does not agree that she spends so much time on these "useless" things. However, she finally chose to stick to it. "Now I wear Hanfu to go to the streets, and there are fewer people pointing at me. There will be young people coming over and saying to me: 'You are wearing Hanfu, very good looking.'" Zhou Lin told reporters that they are shooting a piece about Hanfu’s microfilm wants to try to spread the Hanfu in a more diversified way. “In fact, Hanfu is just a stepping stone, which is used to attract more people to come in to understand traditional culture and help us to recover lost national belongings.” “I hope more Han people will wear Hanfu, not only on the body, but also on wearing Into the heart."