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The three painters in Yucheng left the disappearing city memory with a pen 2014-02-27


The picture shows the exhibition site. (Photo by Zhou Jianping) Yesterday morning, a special exhibition was held in the exhibition hall on the second floor of the Drum Tower. The three Ningbo painters used the brush in their hands to paint the beautiful scenery of Yaofeng Village in Haishu District, which has been demolished. The form left behind the disappearing traditional houses. The exhibition called "Disappearing Villages - Hu Wenming, Qi Jinxian, and Yun Yunquan's Sketch Works" used 43 paintings to record the customs and customs of Yao Feng Village before the demolition. Yaofeng Village is a typical village in the urban and rural junction of Ningbo. The village is full of Jiangnan dwellings built from the early 1970s to the 1970s and 1980s. Although these buildings are not carved and painted, they are real life scenes for ordinary people. The three painters were demolished from 22007 until 2013 when Yaofeng Village was demolished, carrying a picture box and entering the village for many times, grasping the image characteristics of the village, studying the light and color changes of the four times, and contributing to everyone with warm and natural painting style. A wonderful piece of art is also left to the viewer's rare memory of the city. For the three painters, Yao Feng Village has a special artistic charm. The 80-year-old Mr. Hu Wenling is a member of the China Watercolor Painting Association. He told reporters that Yao Feng Village was chosen because it is located on the edge of the city and is the epitome of many urban villages that will be demolished and demolished. Through the Yao Feng Village sketch exhibition, you can use the art of painting to show and preserve the historical images in the process of Ningbo city. He said: "Every painting on display reproduces the true portrayal of the village at that time and the living conditions of the villagers. As long as you have a deep affection for your hometown, you will read the fresh beauty that only the Jiangnan water town has. It is understood that the exhibition will last until March 4.