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The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection carried out joint inspections with units such as Wenbao and Urban Management. 2014-02-28


Like the West Lake in Hangzhou, for the Ningbo people, Yuehu is the core attraction of the traditional humanities of Ningbo. Yesterday, according to the requirements of the “Notice on the comprehensive rectification of scenic spots, parks, state-owned cultural preservation buildings and other public places”, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, together with Wenbao and urban management, conducted joint inspections on the clubs near Yuehu and found that these clubs have stopped. Feast the reception or make a correction. Linzhai, Yuanzhai, Li's Ancestral Hall, Lingying Temple, Yangfang's former residence and other places are the famous national, municipal and district-level key cultural protection units near the Yuehu Lake. They are the city memories of the exclusive Ningbo people. However, in recent years, complaints about the transfer of these cultural protection points to the abalone wing, private clubs, and high-end clubs have been reported from time to time. In this regard, the inspection team conducted a field inspection of these state-owned cultural buildings in turn. The Li’s Ancestral Hall, which originally opened a high-end restaurant, was closed, and the rented company posted a notice of suspension and rectification at the door. Yuan Zhaili is undergoing a large-scale renovation and rectification, and will be open to the public after the end. According to the person in charge of the Haishu District Wenguang Bureau, in the second half of last year, the district has issued a notice to the renting or management unit of the above-mentioned Wenbao Point, requesting to stop all banquet reception activities and return to the original value of the Wenbao building. At present, all clubs near Yuehu, including those rented in the name of chambers of commerce, associations, companies, etc., have cancelled business banquets and other activities. In the national key cultural protection unit Lin Zhai, the main entrance is marked with a free visit time sign, which is from 10 am to 3 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. According to the person in charge of the lessee, the two dining rooms in the comprehensive arts hall of the department have been discontinued. At the same time, projects such as calligraphy and painting exhibition, folk culture salon and guqin training are regularly introduced to give full play to the value of their cultural relics. It is also the purpose of the lake in the people, the returning of the garden to the people, and the scenery to the people. This is the purpose of comprehensively rectifying the clubhouses in public places. In this regard, the inspection team made specific suggestions on how to rectify and gradually open related associations, companies and units.