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Ningbo Concert Hall welcomes a group of the oldest players 2014-02-28


Mao Yunju and Yan Jiazhen sang "The Wave of Gulangyu". (Photo by Hu Longzhao) Last night, the Ningbo Concert Hall was ablaze with lights, and a series of smooth notes sounded like water. The "Sound for Love, Middle-aged and Piano Concert" hosted by the Piano Society of Ningbo Senior University was held here. Their average age is about 67 years old, which is the oldest group of "players" on the stage of the Ningbo Concert Hall. "Retirement of the piano, realizing the dream of a child" Last night, these performers, despite their white hair, were still flexible and energetic, and they watched the audience. "Most of these students are starting from scratch, but today's level is not low." Shi Lianying, president of the Piano Association of Ningbo Senior University, told reporters, "Before they came to power, they said that they have learned for more than six years. Piano level eight or above." The performer of the piano solo "Prayer of the Girl" is a "zero start" student named Lin Youju. She began to learn piano after she retired in 2006 and has been learning it until now. “Playing the piano is my childhood dream.” Lin Youju recalled that when she was a child, she didn’t have the opportunity to learn piano. “When I was in high school, there was a cadre’s daughter who was learning piano with the teacher at school. I went to the door every day to eat at noon... After retirement, she finally had the opportunity to realize her dreams. The family advised her that it was too difficult to learn the piano. It was too hard, she did not listen. "If I learn, I will not stop." Now, the 59-year-old Lin Youju, in addition to doing housework, taking grandchildren, taking a walk, is playing the piano. She insists on practicing for an hour or two every day. She also got the piano eight-grade certificate last year. "Playing the piano, the fingers are moving, the brain cells are also flexible, and it is not easy to get dementia." Lin Youju said with a smile. "My daughter is very admired by me. I took me to the bridal shop the day before yesterday to pick up the dress and support me to perform on stage." In order to make the concert look better, they have been established as a multi-disciplinary university. The Piano Association of the Old University has been established for more than three years. There are more than 50 students, all of whom are selected from the piano classes of the senior university. Also pass the exam. "After entering the society, we will invite special teachers to guide the students, and will organize the students to go out to participate in various performances and provide them with more opportunities." President Shi Lianying said, "But in the Ningbo Concert Hall, it is still the first. Once. In order to make the piano concert last night better, the students have played a variety of specialties and played the "combination boxing", such as the solo of Zhonghu, the piano on the "Prairie", the female duo, the piano accompaniment. "The Wave of Gulangyu", a piano and 16 erhu accompaniment of "Hands Pouring Happy Flowers", as well as the piano with ballet "Xi Er· Little Swan", the piano "Eight Hands" and other programs. There are several versatile students who have multiple roles. Shi Renzhen, who plays piano in the program "Xi Er·Little Swan", is the oldest of all performers. He is 77 years old this year. In addition to playing the piano, he also plays in the "Prairie" program. His provost told the reporter, "He is very powerful, his Latin dance is also very good, and he will play the cello!" The 74-year-old Mao Yunju has three programs - two piano programs and a duet "Gulangyu" Wave. Every time I sing this song, Mao Yunju is particularly emotional. "My parents went to Taiwan from Hong Kong in 1953, and they didn't come back until they died. I didn't see my parents again..." At this point, Mao Yunju choked.