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Wulongtan Landscape Tourism Culture Festival opens 2014-03-03


The picture shows the dragon ritual. Xu Nengshe Yesterday was the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar. At 8 o'clock in the morning, the Qiqi team composed of folk instruments such as bronze gongs, ten fans and gongs opened the way. The 11 dragon dance teams followed up and the ritual team came to the courtyard in Sanlongtan. In February, the second dragon raised the dragon ritual, which opened the Wulongtan Landscape Tourism Culture Festival, and more than 300 folks and tourists participated in the event. "February 2, the dragon is looking up" is a traditional Chinese folk festival. People celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, respect the dragon and pray for rain, and look forward to the weather. Longguan Township in Yinzhou District is one of the birthplaces of Zhedong Dragon Culture, retaining a large number of folk customs and myths related to dragons. As early as the Tang Xiantong years, the Ming Dynasty thorns Li Yan built the Wulong Temple. At present, there are still remains of dragon culture and other landscapes such as Wulong Shentang, Ancient Sacrifice Dragon Temple, Patio Temple and Wujing 12 Waterfall in Wulongtan Scenic Area. In the folk, it also inherits the thousand-year customs of the Longtan, the Dragon, and the Dragon. Since the previous year, the township organized experts to discuss and organize dragon culture, and combined with landscape tourism to enhance the cultural connotation of the scenic spot, and strive to build a rural tourism base and a slow living experience zone. After the dragon ritual ceremony, dragon culture poetry and painting and photography exchange activities were held.