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China's "Shili Red Makeup" Blooms New York Theater 2014-03-08


On the 6th, "Shili Red Makeup" actor Cheng Lin (middle) conducted a media preview at the Lincoln Center in New York. Xinhua News Agency issued another masterpiece of the Chinese Foreign Culture Group's "Chinese Style" brand. The David Walker Theatre in New York's Lincoln Center, which is called the "touchstone" of dance art, will stage four Chinese classic folklore from March 6th to 9th. The style dance drama "Ten Red Makeup" tells the American audience a folk custom poem from Jiangnan, China. The dance drama "Shili Red Makeup" directed by the famous drama director Wang Xiaoying, which has been created for five years, shows the marriage customs of Jiangnan in China with a large number of traditional Chinese folk red makeup appliances and inspiring dance performances. “Shili Red Makeup” is a kind of marriage custom that marries a daughter in eastern Zhejiang, China, and has a profound historical and cultural connotation. The dance drama uses "dream" as a clue to tell a beautiful love story. These Chinese national cultural treasures are presented in poetry in front of the New York audience. The grand "Ten Red Makeup" blooms on the stage of the Lincoln Center.