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Showcasing the grand Jiangnan wedding scene "Shili Red Makeup" appeared in New York 2014-03-08


A beautiful Chinese traditional wedding ceremony, a dream-like elegy that shows the love of the East women. The Chinese folk customs drama "Shili Red Makeup" landed at the Lincoln Center Theatre in New York on the 6th, presenting a rare aesthetic to the American audience. Big play. Playful humorous matchmakers and hoops, soft-spoken Ningbo dialects, "who hires wine, seduce with wine", the daughter-in-law cleans the hairy seven-color petal water... The scene is full of life scenes, Like the exquisite and delicate picture of life, it vividly depicts the unique humanities and customs of the Jiangnan region of China. The dance drama "Shili Red Makeup" tells a beautiful love story: the young aunts and the young girls in the ancient towns of Jiangnan, the aunts and children, the aunts promised the promise of returning to the hometown, and they went out. As time flies, the more children alone marry in Acacia, waiting for the joyful joy of "Ten Red Makeup" in the dream. Zou Jianhong, the chairman of Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., said that "Shili Red Makeup" was created by the group's song and dance theater. The "dream" is the soul of the whole drama. It is a reflection of the female character and destiny of the old Chinese era, the feminine beauty of Chinese women. Toughness is full of drama. The stage of the play is rich in content and full of poetry. It is hoped that the New York audience will feel the mysterious charm of ancient oriental culture. In order to show the grand scene of the "Ten Red Makeup", the dance drama "Shili Red Makeup" uses nearly 400 red makeup appliances, all of which are modeled after the precious collections in the Shili Red Makeup Museum. During the performance, the dancers also set up a “Daughter House” full of dowry on the stage. The scene was magnificent and amazing. The 24-year-old New York girl Irene was excited after watching the show. She told reporters: "The performance is so wonderful! The background, colors and costumes of the whole show are beautiful, and the dancers' performance is impressive!"