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Spreading Chinese Traditional Culture to Carry out Sino-US Art Exchange 2014-03-09


A folk-style dance drama "Ten Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" at the David Wacker Theatre in Lincoln Center, New York. (Photo by Wang Lei) Qiangong bed, Wangong sedan, red apron, daughter red... These days, New York set off a "China Red" craze, a folk-style dance drama "Ten Li Red Makeup and Daughter" staged at the David Wacker Theatre in Lincoln Center. Dreams are hard to find. The delegation of Ningbo to the United States cultural exchange performance also went to the Queens College of the City University of New York, the Asian Cultural Association, the Asian Association and other places to spread Chinese traditional culture to local artists, college students and citizens, introduce Ningbo, and conduct extensive exchanges. Yesterday morning, members of the delegation to the American Cultural Exchange Performance and the "Shili Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" choreographer Yin Mei came to the Asian Cultural Association to communicate with local artists. Founded in 1963 by John Rockefeller III, the Asian Cultural Association is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural exchanges between the United States and Asian countries in visual and performing arts through various award-winning programs. Chen Kaige, Venus and Yin Mei are both Its sponsored artists. David, the famous producer of New York, watched "Ten Miles Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" and praised: "The heroine is too perfect. From the dance, we can see that the artist's basic skills are very solid." David runs an art training center, each of which can be Twelve artists from different countries provided free training and he expressed his willingness to work hard to promote the exchange of Chinese and American artists. Yesterday afternoon, Chen Jiaqiang, director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, published a lecture on "Chinese Oriental Marriage Culture" at the Asia Society founded in 1956. The scene of the event was constant and the atmosphere was warm. Someone in the audience asked Yin Mei how the Chinese elements in the dance of "Ten Li Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" blended with modern dance. There were chasing directors Wang Xiaoying and there were also audiences interested in dance drama. The Chinese boy named Qi Qi once studied Chinese culture and history at Fudan University. His fluent Chinese made the audience amazed. This young man who likes to translate culturally is very interested in Chinese traditional dance. . Ms. Cooper, the relevant person in charge of the Asian Association, said that when she talked about the feelings of "Ten Li Red Makeup and Daughter Dream", as an American, not only did she see the exquisite dance, but more importantly, through this beautiful love story, the life There is a deeper understanding of the joys and sorrows. On March 5th, local time in New York, Chen Jiaqiang and his entourage also introduced the marriage culture of China to some teachers and students at the Queen's College of the City University of New York, which aroused the strong interest of teachers and students.