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Lu Ziyue emphasized at the site of the promotion of the famous Buddhist mountain in Xuedou Mountain 2014-03-13


Yesterday morning, Lu Ziyue, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor of the city, stressed at the site of the promotion of the famous Buddhist mountain in Xuedoushan that it is necessary to fully tap the historical connotation, inherit the historical culture, highlight the main features, further gather popularity, enhance the reputation, and vigorously develop the tourism economy. Constantly release, exert and transmit the positive energy of religion, vigorously promote the work of building a famous mountain in Buddhism, and strive to promote sustained and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability. Lu Ziyue and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Executive Vice Mayor Shou Yongnian, and the Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Wang Jianshe and other delegations came to the Xuedou Mountain Scenic Spot in Xikou to learn more about the progress of the work on the construction of the famous Buddhist mountains in Xuedou Mountain, and help coordinate and promote the specific encounters. problem. Lu Ziyue pointed out that Xuedou Mountain has a natural scenery and a prosperous Buddhist career. The Maitreya Cultural Festival held for six consecutive years has formed a certain influence. The creation of a famous Buddhist mountain is conducive to improving the influence of Snow Dou Temple in the national Buddhist community, and is conducive to promoting the development of Fenghua and even Ningbo tourism, and is conducive to boosting other developments in the region. Lu Ziyue emphasized that the creation of a famous Buddhist mountain is a systematic project. There are still many difficulties at present. All localities and departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation and jointly overcome difficulties. We must persist in highlighting the core characteristics and excavating historical connotations. We will focus on the three characteristics of “Mai Le Daochang”, “Buddhist Culture” and “Shanshui Tourism”, respect history, reproduce history, study culture, inherit culture, and improve Xuedou Temple in Buddhism. Popularity and influence, improve the attraction and competitiveness of Xuedou Mountain in the tourism industry; adhere to high-level planning, high-quality construction, actively absorb the experience of creating famous mountains, further improve and refine the planning plan, scientific positioning, rational layout, clear Thoughts, clear time series, fully mobilize all parties to promote construction work; adhere to the upper and lower linkages, local-based, relevant departments at the municipal level should actively cooperate according to their respective responsibilities, form a working pattern of joint efforts, and strive to build Xuedoushan Xuedou Temple into Famous mountain temple with greater popularity, wider influence and higher recognition.