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Zhao Chuan sang in the city last night. 2014-03-19


Zhao Chuan was interviewed by reporters. Hu Long called "I am once again drowning in the applause. You are so excited in front of you; in the dark, the world seems to have stopped turning, you and my heart can not embrace with both hands..." After 10 years of music, Taiwan's famous music People and singer Zhao Chuan presented a concert to Ningbo fans with old songs. Last night’s performance, like the lyrics of Zhao’s classic old song “To all who know my name”, Zhao Chuan’s audience expressed his affection, and the fans in the audience excitedly drowned him with applause and cheers. The atmosphere is very warm. The day before, Zhao Chuan said in an interview with the media that in the past 10 years, he has lived a life of solid and plain life, but he is also reflecting on the problems encountered in making music. He hopes to tell everyone through the concert. 10 years of self-effort and hard work. The old song new song caused the audience to perform at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre last night. It was the fifth stop of the "Musical Martial Arts Zhao Chuan 2014 Poly Theatre Tour". In the return to the music scene, Zhao Chuan chose to hold a concert in the theater. He said that it is necessary to “make the whole performance more exquisite and feel the close contact with the audience”. At 7:30 last night, with a loud drumming sound, Zhao Chuan wore a yellow leather jacket and casual pants, wearing his signature hat. As soon as he appeared, he won warm applause from the audience. Later, Zhao Chuan deeply interpreted "I finally lost you", "Brave a little", "Love to say how to export", "I am very ugly, but I am very gentle"... A first familiar old song attracts all The chorus was sung and the atmosphere was detonated. Just like Zhao Chuan said at the opening, "I hope everyone will listen to this concert with the old mood." In addition to the old songs that resonate with the fans, Zhao Chuan’s "Music Martial Arts" and "Thank You Love" last night. Many songs such as "The Girl's Once" and "A Rolling Stone" also won applause from the audience. In addition to giving a good song, Zhao Chuan also interacted with the audience. Especially in the first half, every time I sang a song, Zhao Chuan used some crappy Ningbo words to "close" with the audience. All three children have musical talents listening to an old song. Many fans expressed their feelings that time passed. It seems that the scene of Zhao Chuan, the singer of "I am very ugly, but I am very gentle", is still in sight. Today, Zhao Chuan is over half a hundred years old and is the father of three children. Talking to the reporter about his three children, Zhao Chuan’s smile. He revealed that all three children have inherited his musical talents, and he usually stares at them to practice piano and music classes. Although the children are now "following" other stars, he is confident that in the hearts of the children, "Dad is definitely the first." The warmth of the family makes people forget a lot of frustrations and all kinds of disappointments. Zhao legend, in the past few years, because of the great changes in the entire recording industry, and the pressure caused by the desire to create better works that do not disappoint fans, he has appeared "impeding obstacles", but Now he can face it calmly. For the future, Zhao legend will continue to sing. However, in addition to music, he is also preparing to develop in many aspects, including acting and performing variety shows. “The first two years, “I am a singer” invited me to participate, but at that time I was busy doing my new album and didn’t agree. I will go there if I have the chance.”