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Yue Li, the premiere of Yue Opera, will be premiered by Li Lihong tomorrow night: 2014-03-19


Cui Yinshe was produced by Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., and the Yue Opera, the sister of Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yuequ Group Co., Ltd., was in the midst of intense rehearsal. Under the joint efforts of the authoring team, Wang Xifeng will never be seen on the stage. The show will be officially performed at the Ningbo Grand Theatre on the evening of March 20th and 21st. Director: Feng Jie was first a woman in a dim theater. The reporter found the director Li Lihong, who stared at the front with great concentration. The stage was performing the first scene of the lighting synthesis. "Because this play will combine the stage background to express the inner conflicts of the characters, the lighting and background conversion must be accurate." The plot of the first scene is that Jia Yuanchun is going to return to the provincial capital, under the auspices of Feng Jie, Jia The next step is new. Li Lihong is a national first-class director who has won numerous awards in many fields such as Henan opera, drama, and TV dramas. He and Ningbo’s first "electric shock" were in the "Big Brothers" period. This time, he was invited by an old friend and screenwriter Xie Lizhen to direct the Yue opera "Feng Jie". In the face of this subject that has been created many times, Li Lihong is attracted by the unique female perspective in the script. "One thousand readers have a thousand Wang Xifeng in their eyes. The theme of "Dream of Red Mansions" is a rich mine. Everyone is digging, mostly There are many panoramic creations, of course, there is also a separate character. Daningbo Xiaobaihua has done "Wang Xifeng's troubles in Ningguofu". The reason why we do this drama is to show the complexity of the character of Fengjie." Li Hong broke down the character Wang Xifeng into three parts. "The bad guys and the strong guys don't need us to emphasize again, but let go of all the colors. As a living person, Wang Xifeng is first a woman, then a strong woman, and finally falls. A female evil person's reputation." Sheng Xie Jinlian: I heard that this time, the editorial team used a lot of space to express Wang Xifeng's motherhood and femininity as a woman, and let her return to the true nature of gender. "She is not a scenery." Unlimited big housekeeper, she also has a weak side. We hope to show this complex as much as possible in these two hours. Li Lihong categorizes Feng’s conflict in the play as two types. “There are many external conflicts. The stage is very good. For example, in order to retaliate against Jia, she can make a bureau, set a trap, and fight with other women. But our more concern is her inner conflict, the deep inside of the brilliant people, all dark and broken." The 23 actresses from the whole play are from the Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe. For the starring Xie Jinlian, Li Lihong appreciated it. "I heard about her when I came to Ningbo for the "Big Brother of Ningbo". This is her second time to play Fengjie, and she entered the role very quickly. But it is also very big for her. The challenge.” The new version of “Fengjie” will also have a major breakthrough in the style and clothing. "We finally position the style between the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which will make the stage look richer." For each character's character and destiny, the elements of the flower are applied to the design of the costume, each set has a special meaning, such as Fengjie’s costume is mainly peony, dignified and atmospheric, with a phoenix pattern; Pinger’s body is a delicate and light orchid; Mrs. Xing is a chrysanthemum; and lotus and lotus leaves are used to express the hustle and bustle of Jia Wei.”