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Taiwanese compatriots donate educational literature to Ningbo Education Museum 2014-03-21


Taiwan's "documentary ancestor", "The Collection of Mr. Shen Guangwensi", Taiwan's "Youth Education Master" Zhang Xuemen, Taiwan's Institute of Atomic Science, Dai Yun, and other historical materials of the literary educators... Recently, the Ningbo Education Museum received more than 300 A rare educational document donated and transferred from Taiwanese people in Taiwan provides new historical materials and objects for the research results of cross-strait shared literary educators and the compilation of Ningbo education history. Around 1949, many Ruan educators went to Taiwan to make outstanding contributions to Taiwan's education. For example, Zhang Qichen, the founder of modern human geography in China (1901-1958, Jixian County), graduated from the Provincial No. 4 Middle School (now Ningbo Middle School), and his "Geographical Geography" was one of the three major textbooks of middle school in the Republic of China. After Taiwan, he served as the head of the department in charge of education in Taiwan. He tried his best to eradicate the poison of Japanese aggressor enslavement education, vigorously promoted Chinese traditional culture, and laid a new pattern for Taiwan to popularize nine-year compulsory education, develop social education and higher education. According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 Ruan Ji educators have served as university presidents such as Tsinghua University, Culture University, Soochow University, National Defense University, Art College, Maritime College, and Police Academy. This time, many Taiwanese compatriots including Zhang Zikai’s son, Chairman of the Taiwan Cultural University and Zhang Jinghu, an academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, donated and transferred educational documents to the Ningbo Education Museum. Many of them were collected for the first time in the mainland. Ancient and rare. For example, Taiwan's "The First Annals of the Literature", "The Collection of Mr. Shen Guangwen Sis" (Taipei 1977 Edition), Zhang Qi's "The Five Thousand Years of Chinese History", one to nine volumes (Taipei 1982 edition), "Confucius Jinyi" (Taipei 2011 reprint), Zhejiang University From 1941 to 1947, published by Zhang Qichen, the 50th issue of "Thoughts and Times" (reprinted in Taipei in 1978). In addition, the Ningbo Tongxiang Association and the Zhejiang Tongxiang Association donated a batch of historical materials to the Ningbo Education Museum. Among them were Jiang Menglin (Yuyao), a minister of education for the National Government who introduced the higher education expert and served as the president of Peking University. Education pioneer, Taiwan's "preschool teacher" Zhang Xuemen (Jixian people), Taiwan's Tsinghua University president Mao Gaowen (Fenghua) and other historical materials such as "Ningbo Tongxiang" and "Zhejiang Monthly" publications more than 130 issues, as well as introduction to China in 1948 A book and information on the deeds of educators such as Dai Yundao (1897-1982, graduated from the middle school, Fenghua), the founder of the Taiwan Atomic Science Institute.