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The Shaw Theatre "natural stage" performance season begins early next month 2014-03-25


The reporter was informed yesterday that the "natural stage" performance season of the Shaw Theatre 2014 began on April 2, and more than 10 performance groups from home and abroad will be unveiled in more than 80 days, launching three major performances: traditional opera, star drama and children's drama. Including more than 20 performances in different art categories such as Yue Opera, Peking Opera, Drama, Children's Drama, Ballet, Chamber Music, etc., star actors such as Xiao Ya and Tong Lei will meet with the audience. Traditional opera is the highlight of the theater season every year. On the evening of April 2nd and 3rd, the Beijing Peking Opera Theatre will bring two classic repertoires of the modern Peking Opera "The Red Lantern" and the traditional Peking Opera "Wangjiang Pavilion" to the theater. The Zhoushan Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe will bring "The Legend of He Wenxiu" and "Mute Story", and the famous plum blossom winner Xiaoya, who is deeply loved by Yucheng, will appear on April 20. On May 18th, Suzhou Kunqu Theatre will bring the classic repertoire "Peony Pavilion" to let the fans feel the most authentic Nankun art. As an art form promoted by the theater in recent years, drama has always been an indispensable part of the performance season, especially the star version of the drama is popular. The fashion drama "Perfume", which debuted from April 17th to 18th, was newly created by Shanghai Drama Center. The famous movie star Tong Lei starred as a native girl of Ningbo. At that time, Tong Lei will stage her own stage drama debut in her hometown. In the drama "Salty Eggs" staged on April 25, the famous TV host Lin Hai subverted the image, and one person decorated the triangle. On June 20th, the drama "The Little Words of the Gossip" will be staged by the Zhejiang Repertory Theatre Co., Ltd., which is the pinnacle of the group in recent years. Three Chinese and foreign children's plays will be unveiled during the Children's Day. On May 23rd and 24th, the Ukrainian Children's Ballet will bring the fairytale ballet "Snow White" and "The Mermaid". The fairy tale drama "Mermaid" of the Beijing Ugly Duck Cartoon Art Troupe will land on the theater on the day of Children's Day, and another children's play "Cinderella" will be staged on April 26. In addition, the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra will present a large-scale symphony concert entitled "Singing the Chinese Dream" on April 21. The famous pianist Joseph Dipiasa from the United States will bring classic works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and other masters of music to the fans in the piano solo concert held on May 6. On June 2nd, Cirque du Soleil star performer and famous French dumb performance artist Julian Gato will use his usual funny, gentle and innocent performance to bring a humorous mime "Imagined World" to the audience. .