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Non-genetic inheritor Zhu Xiuding 2014-03-27


One day each week, Zhu Xiuding’s figure will appear on time in Xianxiang Town Central Primary School in Yinzhou District. At this time, the folk artist became a "teacher" and taught him "the best play" - singing news. Last year, the Provincial Department of Culture announced the list of the fourth batch of representative inheritors of the provincial non-legacy project. Zhu Xiuding, the inheritor of the “Singing News” in Yinzhou District, was on the list. Zhu Xiuding is 78 years old this year. Entering the school for teaching is the first step in inheriting the "singing news". Next, Zhu Xiuding "will recruit apprentices." The history of “singing news” is relatively long, and it is difficult to check the specific time. According to the "Yixian County" record: singing news "from the singing of the newspaper (official news) evolved, and later sang folk news, and gradually became a professional of the blind." "In the early years, blind artists often sang news on the ships to maintain their livelihoods." Chen Sujun, deputy director of the Yinzhou District Cultural Center, told reporters that after the founding of New China, "singing news" gradually faded people's attention. Among the "singing news" artists, Zhu Xiuding is a relatively special one. Taiwan has a "quickly singer" Zhang Di, and Zhu Xiuding is called "Zhang Di" in Zhangzhou. "He can improvise songs according to current events or seeing and hearing news. Zhangkou will come. Can say, 'singing news 'In his hands, there is new development.' Chen Sujun said. In fact, in the past 20 years, Zhu Xiuding has been "shelving life" in the Shenjiamen area of ​​Zhoushan. In the local area, he is a famous grassroots star. The image of "a fisherman's hat and a erhu" is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Some people even seal him as a "red promoter" - because Zhu Xiuding sings many good deeds. Last year, Zhu Xiu-ding returned to his hometown of Xianzhou, Xiangxiang, and became the inheritor of the "singing news" of the "existing only fruit" in Yinzhou District. In March of this year, under the matchmaking of the cultural station of Xianxiang Town, “Singing News” entered the Xianxiang Town Central Primary School. Once a week, Zhu Xiuding teaches children to sing news, pull erhu, play the flute, and play the harpsichord. So far, Zhu Xiuding has given two or fifty children a class of "singing news". "I teach the traditional repertoire of 'singing the news' - "Xiangxiang scenery"." Zhu Xiuding said that because the content is humorous and familiar, the children are also very interested. Chen Sujun told reporters: "'Singing News' into the school is just to let more people know about this provincial non-legacy project. If it is to be passed down, it will still need Zhu Xiuding to bring apprentices." At present, the Yinzhou District Cultural Center is planning to recruit. plan.