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The dance drama "Ten Red Makeup": 2014-03-27


In the early spring of March, the dance drama "Shili Red Makeup" from Ningbo, China, performed four consecutive performances at the David Walker Theatre in Lincoln Center, New York, and nearly 10,000 people from other countries such as the United States and Sweden were pleasantly surprised. Look and enjoy the wonderful expression of romantic stories from the East. The Art Heights Chinese Style Lincoln Center is a cultural symbol of New York and a world-famous art highland. Every year, the regular performances of the Metropolitan Opera House and the "The Nutcracker" of the New York Ballet's Christmas are all cultural events that are expected. As an international art palace, it is different from the Vienna Golden Hall, but has a strict access mechanism. Since 2012, China Foreign Culture Group Corporation has cooperated with relevant departments to create an international performance brand of “Chinese Charm” with the momentum of icebreakers. For three consecutive years, the dance dramas “Peony Pavilion”, “Silk Road Rain” and “Shili” Red Makeup is sent to the stage at the Lincoln Center. "Peony Pavilion" is a splendid starlight in the treasure house of Chinese classical art; "Silk Road Rain" is an art classic that has been performed since the last century; "Shili Red Makeup" shows the fresh artistic pursuit and newness of contemporary Chinese artists. Stage elegance. The orderly arrangement of the three dance dramas highlights the broad connotation and exquisite art of the “Chinese Style” performance brand, allowing the audience walking into the Lincoln Center to taste the Chinese story and feel the Chinese expression of yesterday, yesterday and present. With the profound influence of literary classics and the baptism of the vicissitudes of life, Peony Pavilion has made the audience entering the Lincoln Center look for new expectations in familiarity and strangeness. "Silk Road Rain" pursues the spectacular journey of the Silk Road, which evokes people's associations in history and reality, and also evokes the expectation of the beautiful fit between the desert yellow sand and the Ying Niang man dance. And what about "Ten Red Makeup"? Can it complete the volley of Chinese artists in the Lincoln Center like a "triple jump" in track and field? This has become the focus of the show planners, media and audience. Exquisitely about the Oriental Dreams On the evening of March 6, the carefully prepared contemporary Chinese folk dance drama was staged in front of more than 2,000 spectators at the Lincoln Center. In the melodious string, "Ten Red Makeup" unveils the mystery of the oriental atmosphere. "Shili Red Makeup" tells the story of Chinese Jiangnan girls' love for life and love. The dance drama editors fully invoked China's unique freehand drama concept and focused on creating a stage scene with symbolic meaning. The feminine dance of a single person, the unrestrained dance of a couple, and the image of a group dance create a beautiful stage impression. It is worth mentioning that the show planners boldly use the Western and ethnic bands in music, using Western strings in lyrics and national music in passion. This ingenious arrangement makes the performance, the beauty of the dance, and the music all together, presenting a beautiful story of the Chinese story. The performance was climax and the applause was in full swing. After the curtain call, the fascinating audience was slow to refuse to leave, and they lined up for a photo before the performance in the theater hall, and purchased the souvenirs of "Shili Red Makeup". This kind of scene makes the performers very moved, because it means that the American audience not only understands the Chinese story, but also is deeply attracted and infected by it. An actor told the author that at the end of the first performance, facing the audience's long-lasting applause and cheers, the curtain-cutting actor was too obedient to the curtain-cutting program set by the director, lacking a flexible form of response to the sudden hot atmosphere. This was greatly improved in the subsequent three performances. The acquaintance of the actors made the stage on the stage of the curtain call to create a magnificent landscape of passion and passion. The stunning and acclaimed performances of the night attracted many celebrities to watch. Sun Guoxiang, Consul General of China in New York, Senior Vice President of IMGA, President of World Journal, CEO of Multicultural Group, Chairman of Asian Culture Media Group and many other veterans watched the performance and spoke highly of it. Following "Peony Pavilion" and "Silk Road Flower Rain", "New York Times" still paid great attention to "Shili Red Makeup" and published a wonderful review article. NBC News and ABC News recorded the grand performance of the evening. "World Journal" praised "Ten Red Makeup" is a model of the perfect combination of Chinese culture and art and Western culture, stunning New York, stunning four." "Sing Tao Daily" commented that "Ten Miles Red Makeup" is amazing in both dance, music and scenery." "Ta Kung Pao" even published a long article, saying that "Ten Red Makeup" is the third large-scale Chinese dance drama launched by the Chinese Foreign Culture Group in the United States after "Peony Pavilion" and "Silk Road Rain". Non-Chinese audiences account for the vast majority. It can be seen that because the Chinese Foreign Culture Group's selection of dramas meets overseas appreciation needs and promotion is in place, 'Chinese Style' has gradually gained recognition from mainstream overseas audiences and has established a firm foothold in New York. ". Wang Yansheng, a cultural counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in New York who performed and performed with three Chinese dance dramas at the Lincoln Center, said happily that "Ten Red Makeup" is very Chinese to the American audience; for the audience with Chinese cultural background, it is very Jiangnan . From "Peony Pavilion" to "Ten Miles Red Makeup", after three years, it is better year after year. “China Fashion” has already exerted tremendous influence as a performance brand from China. China-US Global Performing Arts Co., Ltd., jointly invested by China Foreign Culture Group and American International Management Art Group, participated in the operation of the "Ten Miles Red Makeup". In this regard, Wang Yansheng particularly praised: "This opens up a huge space for international cooperation and Broad prospects.” Zhang Yu, chairman of China Foreign Culture Group, believes that if you want to make the world a stage for China, there are 16-word secrets – Chinese elements, international production, Chinese stories, and international expressions. "The success of "Shili Red Makeup" into the Lincoln Center is a beautiful interpretation. We have reason to believe that the 'Chinese style' composed of three dance dramas can be based in the United States for a long time. The past is just a prelude."