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The non-legacy culture allows you to appreciate the unique charm of the fishing area 2014-04-03


The fishermen are performing at the "March 3" Folk Culture Festival. (Xu Neng Yu Li, Chen Guangyu photo) Fish glutinous rice noodles, rice bran head, fish lamp, fish extension... The “March 3” intangible cultural heritage exhibition activity of Shipu in 2014 was held in the afternoon yesterday, which made tens of thousands of tourists feel like a mountain fishing The unique charm of the intangible cultural heritage of the district. Yesterday's Chinese fishing village was crowded with people. In the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Area on the entrance plaza, a group of fish extension works by the pioneers of the fish expansion art headed by the dean of the Xiangshan Fishery Culture Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and the paper-cutting by Zhang Caihua as a representative inheritor The hand-made boat model of the mangosteen root carvings and the representative inheritors of Zhan Mengfu and Yang Xuefeng, which are displayed for representative inheritors, attracted one and another tourists to watch. The traditional food-making areas in the adjacent fishing areas are equally crowded. After watching the fish noodles, rice bran, mochi, fried shrimp dumplings, Yushan snowflake, cake tube and various special snacks, the tourists rushed to buy freshly baked food and taste the traditional food in the fishing area. Unique style. According to the relevant person in charge of the Xiangshan County Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, in order to protect the intangible cultural heritage, the county has conducted a carpet-based survey of intangible cultural heritage in the county since 2007. Up to now, the county has owned 6 national intangible cultural heritage projects such as salt-salting skills, 10 provincial-level, 33 municipal-level, and 116 county-level. It has 1 representative inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage project, 5 provincial level, 31 municipal level, 35 county level, and has 29 municipal-level inheritance bases and 35 county-level inheritances. Intangible cultural heritage Protection work is at the forefront of the city and the province. After seeing, hearing, and passing, the crowds of the tides poured into the imperial city beach, singing and dancing, and devoted themselves to this March, which has been well-known in the coastal areas of eastern Zhejiang and has been included in the provincial intangible cultural heritage project. Three steps on the beach "traditional folk activities.