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Why is "Ten Red Makeup" popular? 2014-04-04


Not long ago, at the Lincoln Center in New York, the dance drama "Shili Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" created by Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. was played in four consecutive games. The venue was full and a "China Red" was set up in the mainstream cultural market in New York. "Shili Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" tells a touching love story and shows the traditional folk customs of Jiangnan. The dance drama was selected into the “Chinese Culture” project of China Foreign Culture Group Corporation last year, and became the third Chinese stage drama on the stage of the Lincoln Center in New York after the “Peony Pavilion” and “Silk Road Rain” (April 1st) "Guangming Daily"). "Shili Red Makeup and Daughter Dream" "Four performances, more than 2,500 seats of theaters full of Dangdang, one more than a hot, the last station ticket of the show was also robbed, light, audio and other consoles next to It’s crowded with people. This kind of performance scene is not only rare in China, but also the performances of some literary groups that have gone abroad. So, why is this dance drama able to make the United States? In addition to "Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have always attached great importance to the development of cultural undertakings, implemented strong organizational leadership, multi-sectoral and multi-strength efforts to focus on quality creation, and formed in project declaration, expert argumentation, financial support, performance appraisal, commendation incentives, etc. Beyond the good mechanism, a very important reason is that they have implemented the effective operation of marketization. Knowing ourselves and knowing each other, there is no war. To implement a scientific market-oriented operation, we must first study the market and understand the market, especially for foreign markets. Any literary and art group, if you want to go abroad to perform, you must first learn to ask yourself: Why do I perform? Why do people welcome us to perform? "What kind of performance" is to know what is going on in your work; "Which people are welcome" is to understand their own advantages. Only the foundation is solid and profound, and only the distinctive features and obvious advantages can win the game. The performance of this dance drama created by Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. is due to its masterpieces, which are repeatedly polished by the powerful performing team of the lineup, especially in the drama, which combines more than 10 kinds of Zhejiang folk customs. Using nearly 400 pieces of red makeup equipment modeled after the collection of Ningbo Shili Red Makeup Museum, the Chinese flavor of music and dance, which has national characteristics, shows the traditional culture of Jiangnan in an all-round way and shows the veritable essence of Chinese culture. The heart of the American audience. Therefore, it is also a good testimony to the law that "the more the nation is, the more it is the world." The market does need research, but it needs planning. Only in this way can we better match the market, dock the market, control the market, enhance the market, consider the differences between the two markets, and narrow the gaps through necessary means to achieve seamless docking. Before the performance in the United States, the troupe invited experts from the United States to discuss the study of art processing to meet the appreciation level of the American audience. It turns out that after the performance, many audiences experienced the delicate and long-lasting emotional entanglements in the drama. To dispatch the market and control the market is to arouse and stir up the market. The troupe "in the first half of the year, the China Foreign Culture Group, which is responsible for operating the market, cooperated with a public relations company in New York to create momentum in various forms. New York designers designed posters and brochures based on the preferences of American audiences. After the crew arrived in New York, Immediately arrange the producers, producers and directors to participate in the promotion of TV stations and radio programs. Through a series of publicity, the ticketing rate before the performance reached 70%, and the first performance sensationalized the whole city, and there was a scene of 'one ticket is hard to find'. ". In addition, before the first performance, Chen Jiaqiang, director of the Ningbo Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, gave two lectures at the Queen's College of the City University of New York and the Asian Cultural Association to introduce the humanities and marriage customs of Ningbo City. At the same time, the troupe also went to the live broadcast and talk show scenes of Chinese-language radio, Chinese-language TV and American-Chinese TV, to introduce the love story of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China and the marriage customs of Jiangnan across history. In doing so, the promotion of the effort has ensured the block-selling rate and formed a sensational effect. "We need to collide and communicate with foreign cultures in a mindset. We will use our cultural influence to enhance our cultural soft power." The successful practice of Ningbo Performing Arts Group tells us: Going out It is a must; when going out, it is necessary to study the market rigorously, carefully plan the market, and effectively enhance the market.