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The pen and ink are fresh and ask the mountain 2014-04-04


The picture shows Wang Fucai taking pictures before his own paintings. (Photo by Zhou Jianping) Yesterday, the “Shan Hai Wen Dao – Wang Fucai Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition” jointly hosted by the Beilun District CPPCC and Ningbo Wenlian was exhibited at the Ningbo Art Museum. More than 200 paintings and paintings were fresh and intent, attracting many viewers. Stop. Wang Fucai, 70, told reporters that the work of this exhibition is the accumulation of his painting and calligraphy career for more than 40 years. Looking back at his artistic life, Wang Fucai, who loved painting and calligraphy since childhood, bluntly said, "I can combine my hobby with work and life, do what I like to do, and gradually gain people's business and philosophy in painting, enriching my spiritual world. In the 1970s, Wang Fucai entered the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now the Academy of Fine Arts in China) for further study, and was awarded by Fang Zengxian, Wu Shanming, Sun Zhongqi and other famous masters. He first studied characters, flowers and birds, and later specialized in landscape painting. At the same time, taking into account calligraphy. His teacher, Sun Zhongqi, a doctoral tutor of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, commented on his work “Cang Run Ling Xiu, the heroic atmosphere, the pen and ink Qing Li book as the bone, the spirit of poetry and poetry, showing the modern style and poetic mood.” Summarizing his own creative experience, Wang Fucai said: "All in one heart is devoted to art, more brains, more experience, diligent creation, continuous innovation and breakthrough." In his 40-year career, he based on the art of Zhepai's imaginary spirit, absorbed thick Park Hung-soo's northern style blends with Lingnan's color and ink; he walks between mountains and rivers and is inspired by nature. Wang Fucai told reporters that he had encountered a flash flood in Lishui, Lijiang. In the cold wind of Shaoxing Keqiao, he painted more than 10 sketches with a frozen hand. On Lushan Island, he was almost swallowed by the wind and waves; Simingshan, he almost lost his way in the clouds... For more than 40 years, Wang Fucai has published and exhibited more than 600 works, of which more than 50 works have won awards, and many works have been exhibited in more than 10 countries and regions. In this regard, Wang Fucai said modestly: "Wandering in the sea of ​​art, I am only a drop in the ocean. There is no end to art, no one is perfect, I will continue to explore the art in my lifetime."