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Internet cafes enter the era of meager profit, traditional Internet cafes break through the struggle - 2014-04-08


Ding An painted on a clean and comfortable sofa, ordered a cup of coffee, and then experienced on a computer with super-hardware configuration, which gradually became a way of entertainment and leisure for the netizens in the city. As an upgraded version of the traditional Internet cafe, in recent years, the new format "Internet cafe" is quietly popular in Yucheng. This kind of Internet cafe, which has been popular in Europe and America for many years, brings a glimmer of life to the traditional Internet cafe industry in Xishan. The traditional Internet cafes are no longer in the 1990s. As a new thing, the Internet cafe industry has sprung up everywhere. However, with the popularity of home computers, the diversification of Internet channels and the gradual shrinking of the market, in recent years, the main consumer groups of traditional Internet cafes have been rapidly lost, and the survival is difficult. According to relevant data, as of the end of 2012, there were 991 online cafes in the city. At present, the Internet cafe market in the old three districts is saturated, and many Internet cafes are losing money. The reporter learned from the Wenguang New Bureau of Haishu District that the current operation of Internet cafes in Haishu Central City is not good, the quality of Internet cafe owners is uneven, Internet cafes are dirty, price wars, vicious competition is serious, and the 76 Internet cafes in the book actually There are only 55 operating companies, and 50% of Internet cafes are not effective. “Operating costs have risen and passenger traffic has been gradually lost. It has been difficult to maintain the traditional business model.” The owner of an Internet cafe in Haishu District said. The new format "Internet cafe" popular foot network culture plus coffee West Point, experience urban leisure life. In February last year, Shanghai Chain Network Company "Net Fish Net Cafe" settled in Tianyi Square and became the first Internet cafe in Yucheng. This new type of business has just entered the Ningbo market, and it has been popular among young consumers such as college students and white-collar workers. The company's marketing manager Lin Rui told reporters: "The 'Internet cafe' consumption threshold is higher than ordinary Internet cafes, according to different experience areas, generally 4 to 12 yuan per hour. At the beginning, many people in the industry are not optimistic, the rent is expensive The high cost and other problems once plagued the operation of Internet cafes, but thanks to the word-of-mouth effect and relevant government policy support, the current Internet cafe traffic can reach 400 passengers per day.” This model was quickly copied by Ningbo local enterprises. At present, new formats such as “Starting Internet Cafe”, “Siheyuan Internet Cafe” and “Playing Network Café” have gradually developed. Mr. Wu is a frequent visitor to “Net Fish Net Cafe”. He told reporters: “The network cafe environment is good, it can meet the needs of Internet access, and it is also suitable for bringing friends to a small gathering. It is quite good.” Lin Rui believes that the difference is different from traditional Internet cafes. With a single functional requirement, “Internet Café” advocates casual experience consumption to create a good online environment to attract relatively high-end consumer groups. In order to transform traditional Internet cafes, it is necessary to take a distinctive and branded business route. The road to transformation is still in the long run. For a long time, Internet cafes have been plagued by cultural law enforcement agencies, especially the “black Internet cafes” in urban and rural areas. Sun Zhijie, the captain of the Cultural Law Enforcement Brigade of Haishu District, believes that due to management and other reasons, the image of the Internet cafe industry in the society is not good, but as a leisure mode that young people love, the new format of "Internet cafe" is worth introducing and promoting. . "Network culture is a huge market with many consumer groups. In the face of the difficult situation of Internet cafes, we must be good at grasping the market pulse of network culture and the changes in people's consumer demand, and guide the differentiated development of Internet cafes, such as urban white-collar workers. One family, in the online environment, service quality improvement; for the e-sports family, can build a competitive platform, holding competitive activities." Some insiders believe that in the relatively mature market, "Internet cafe" has a certain degree of competitiveness, but Not all Internet cafes are suitable for transformation into "Internet cafes." For example, in the areas where foreign populations are concentrated in Beilun and Cixi, there is still a certain market for ordinary Internet cafes with standardized and relatively low prices. “The market must be subdivided. There must be relatively high-end petty bourgeoisie, and there must be a popular one. The transformation of Internet cafés must be tailored to local conditions, but the premise must promote a healthy and standardized consumption environment.”