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Central Opera Original Opera "to help tailor" will once again tour 2014-04-11


According to Xinhua News Agency, the reporter learned from the Central Opera House on the 9th that the original opera "Red Gang Tailor" will be performed in Beijing on the 15th, and the curtain of its re-touring will be opened. "Red Gang Tailor" is a large-scale original lyric opera jointly launched by the Central Opera House and Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. It is the latest achievement of the cooperation between the central and the central. The drama takes the Revolution of 1911 as the historical background, with the birth of the first set of Chinese tunic suits as the core content, telling the love story of the heroines Liu Tianyi and A embroidery. The whole opera is full of strong regional colors in Ningbo, Jiangnan water town, white wall and black tile, red gang cutting tools, especially the lanterns added in the opera, with a unique combination of Chinese and Western styles, forming a unique charm. According to reports, since the opening of Beijing, Ningbo, and Shanghai in May 2013, the audience has received rave reviews, and their plots are ups and downs, touching, touching, and full of music. The costumes and dances perfectly reflect the characteristics of the times. People feel the unique artistic charm of that era. Yu Feng, dean of the Central Opera House, said that in the second round of the tour, the main recruits absorbed and learned the essence of the Beijing Opera performance art, and made bold explorations and innovations in the form of performance, with appropriate dance and LED video to accompany the performance; The role of the storyteller, using storytelling to connect the whole play, adds interest to the audience's appreciation. After the performance in Beijing, "Red Gang Tailor" will tour to Yuyao, Zhoushan, Jiaxing, Tianjin, Ningbo and other places. According to Yu Feng, the Central Opera House launched a new initiative for cultural Huimin this year. The “123” fare was implemented in the performance of the National Grand Theatre, which is 300 yuan in the performance pool of the National Grand Theatre Opera Hall. Yuan, the other seat is 100 yuan; the performance hall of the concert hall is 200 yuan, and the other seats are 100 yuan.