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The dance drama "Avalokitesvara" is amazing 2014-04-14


"A Thousand Hands Guanyin" wonderful moment Hu Longzhao photo 2005 CCTV Spring Evening, by the famous director Zhang Jigang created, Yan Lihua led the Chinese Disabled People's Art Troupe performance "A Thousand Hands Guanyin" stunning appearance, that stunning and beautiful dance to the audience It left a deep impression. Since then, Zhang Jigang has been working with the Taiyuan Dance Troupe for a large-scale original sound and dance drama "A Thousand Hands Guanyin". Last night, the dance was staged at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre, where the audience was guided to a journey of soul. Han Lin, head of the Taiyuan Dance Troupe, was interviewed by reporters before the performance. The success of the dance version undoubtedly brought a lot of pressure on the dance version. "The most stressful is the director Zhang Jigang. He is not willing to repeat himself. It can be said that he has been pursuing 'the dance is not amazing and endless,' so it is only seven years. A sword 'launched the dance drama "Avalokitesvara"." Han Lin said. Different from the dance version, the dance drama "Avalokitesvara" has not only greatly improved the lineup, costumes, and dance beauty, but also added a rich plot to tell a story about the "great love of human beings". "Dance "Avalokitesvara" shows the life of Guanyin. The dance drama "Avalokitesvara" traces the past life of Guanyin." Han Lin said, "The dance drama wants to tell the audience that the past life of Guanyin is also a mortal, she is from the point. Bit by bit 'good' starts, and finally becomes Buddha." Unlike traditional dance dramas, which are divided into screens, "Avalokitesvara" adopts a new way of elaboration, with 12 kosher yangko to play the whole drama. Divided into 12 deep paragraphs of the artistic conception, the Sanskrit string, the morning bell and the drum, the 12-story dance with the huge LED screen one by one for the audience to unfold 12 beautiful pictures, independent and layer by layer. The most influential audience in the performance was the affectionate interpretation and superb dance skills of the actors. As Han Lin said, “These actors’ hands are 'warm'”, and this warmth comes from the sincere emotional input. The most striking thing is that the three princesses played a pair of two dancers after the probation of the boy - Cheng Shuai, the boy who plays the boy, knees on the knees, and the thin princess who plays the three princesses stands lightly on the knees of the former, then Cheng Shuai does not need both hands. Relying on his own bent body, he slowly stood up and lifted the thin jade. This difficult movement made the audience thunderous applause. After the completion of this action, the two protagonists are all 90. They told reporters that when they tried this exercise, they tried it for a whole week without success. After a month of training, they reached the requirements of the choreographer. "It’s been until now that we have to rehearse this movement before each performance."