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CCTV "Happy Chinese" focuses on Ningbo style 2014-04-15


"Learning Chinese, friends all over the world." The author learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau yesterday that the CCTV "Happy Chinese" column crew came to Yucheng, the city's customs and natural beauty will pass this "air Confucius Classroom" to the global Chinese Reader promotion. "Happy Chinese" is a Chinese-language TV category highlighted by CCTV Chinese International Channel. This time, the location of the site is Ningbo Ocean World, Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Zhangzhou Home Museum, Fenghua Xikou Scenic Area, Ninghai Qiantong Ancient Town (Shili Red Makeup), Xiangshan Shipu Fishing Port, Ningbo “Red Peony” Exchange, etc. The “Professor Teaching Chinese” form introduces Ningbo's cultural history and tourism style, allowing the audience to “learn Chinese” in a lively and humorous plot and in a relaxed and pleasant environment. The shooting schedule lasts from April 12 to 18 for a week.