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Nottingham teacher documentary won three awards 2014-04-16


The reporter learned from the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, that at the recent "The Fifth Asian Sunshine Documentary Conference", the school's new documentary film "China Van Gogh" won the Best China Proposal. This is the third time the film has won a grand prize. Previously, "China Van Gogh" won the first prize in the "10th Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival" and "The First China International Documentary Film Proposal Conference" and other conferences in France, Germany, Britain, Canada and other places. Praise and favor. "China Van Gogh" tells the story of the transformation of original Chinese Linyi paintings. In 1997, the protagonist entered the “World Painting Factory” in Dafen Village, Shenzhen. In 2008, due to the financial crisis, orders were reduced, and the protagonist turned to create, experiencing the transformation from Linyi to original, from painting to artist in his life. The documentary also reflects China's ongoing socio-economic transformation from “Made in China” to “Original in China”. “The journey of painting from Linyi to art originality has become a microcosm of China's transition period.” Shi Yan, deputy director of CCTV's record channel, said that “China Van Gogh” has selected both international themes and China. Innovative initiatives during the transition period have a high value for the topic. At present, "China Van Gogh" is being filmed, and Yu Tianqi is the producer and co-director. A number of TV organizations have shown great interest in "China Van Gogh". CCTV and Guangdong Taiwan hope to jointly produce and promote this project. The international pre-sale has the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and plans to be in the summer next year. CBC broadcast.