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Zhejiang's first original opera "Blessing" entered the campus 2014-04-18


The picture shows the "Blessings" brought by the Jin Yongling Opera House in Zhejiang Province. "I am stupid, I am stupid, who knows that there are wolves in the spring, A Mao was eaten..." Last night, a sigh of sorrow rang in the East Campus of Ningbo Vocational and Technical College, which was written by Jin Yongling of Zhejiang Province. The Opera's adaptation of the opera from Lu Xun's novel "Blessing" participated in the final stage of "Excellent Opera into the Campus Public Welfare Tour". In the lively interpretation of the singer, more than a thousand teachers and students on the scene felt the unique charm of the opera. The "Blessing" of this performance is the first original opera of our province launched by Jin Yongling Opera to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth and the 75th anniversary of his death. The drama is carefully adapted from the Yue Opera "Xianglin". Jiangnan’s national melody is organically combined with modern Western opera elements and has also been on the stage of the National Centre for the Performing Arts. Since its launch on April 1st, the tour has been performed in 11 universities in Ningbo, including Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Wanli College. It has performed 14 times and attracted more than 10,000 college teachers and students to watch. During the tour, the famous soprano singer Jin Yongling insisted on the stage every time. Before the performance, she explained the basic knowledge of the opera to the audience, and showed the difference between the opera and the drama, and gave the students a vivid art. Popularization class. Jin Yongling said: "I want more students to feel the charm of the opera." She is very appreciative of the quality of teachers and students in Ningbo universities. "During the tour in Ningbo, the audience stood up and applauded every time the performance ended. I was very touched. During the tour of Ningbo University, the venue was full. A live-study classmate said: "Jin Yongling portrays the sadness of Xianglin's life as vividly, and the performance is too shocking. It also deepens my understanding of Lu Xun's famous "Blessing" unique literary charm." In the school forums of various schools, On the Weibo WeChat platform, it also triggered extensive discussions. Netizen @沫小骆 said, "Golden teacher in this opera is a good interpretation of the tragic fate of Mr. Lu Xun's pen and Xianglin." Netizen @This is not what Zhang Wei wants to write on Weibo: "I never I know that the opera can make "Blessings" so vivid and shocking." Ningbo Dahongying College's Weibo@宁波DHY-12 Network 1 class wrote: "I hope that there will be more such opportunities in the school." Link Jin Yongling is The famous soprano singer of the Zhejiang Song and Dance Theatre, a national first-class performer, is now a professor of vocal music at Zhejiang University of Technology. She is known as the "Lark Bird on the West Lake" and has participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for eight consecutive years. In 2001, she founded the first private art group in the province sponsored by a famous individual and named after her own name. In the same year, she raised more than one million yuan and carefully edited the opera "Jiang Jie" to tour around the country. Received recognition from the provincial government.