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"Romeo and Juliet" will be unveiled at the Grand Theatre Drama Week 2014-04-18


Following the "Green Snake", another classic "new solution" by Tian Xinxin, "Romeo and Juliet", is currently undergoing intense rehearsal. On April 29th and 30th, it will be unveiled at the drama of the Ningbo Grand Theatre. Yesterday, the reporter telephoned Tiandao, she said that as a commemoration of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth, this time not only let her learn the concept of Shakespeare, but also let her have a new thinking about the love conveyed in Shakespeare's works. Tian Yixin's 2008 "The Things of the Ming Dynasty" was adapted from Shakespeare's tragedy "Lear King". On the stage of "Romeo and Juliet", there are rock music, Wang Feng's songs, Bollywood-style group dances, bicycles, electric poles and comic dialogues. The Chinese words contain English words. In the words of Tian Xinxin, Her "Romeo and Juliet" is "the temperament of developing China." "The Chinese play Shakespeare's play always has a sense of distance. This time I want Shakespeare to land and use his way to tell his heart." Tian Xinxin believes that the interpretation of Shakespeare's plays is not limited to The text is copied onto the stage, but his spirit should be explored in depth and his thoughts should be recognized. Tian Xinxin said frankly that it was very difficult to make Shakespeare's work catch up, but she found inspiration from Akira Kurosawa's "Chaos." "At the time, Akira Kurosawa wanted to make a film showing the Japanese temperament, but he did not find a quite screenwriter. As a result, he adapted the "King Lear" and turned it into a story of the Japanese court. Akira Kurosuke inspired I, the Chinese interpretation of Shakespeare's story, can also let emotions and vision fall." So, Tian Yixin version of "Romeo and Juliet" became a story in China, showing a simple and pure love for young men and women. The drama retains the description of love in Zhu Shenghao's translation and the lines with rich rhetoric and rich Chinese language. "The other part of the line will be plain and simple, and everyone can understand it." Tian Xinxin said that rehearsing "Romeo and Juliet" let her Have more thoughts about love. "Most of us don't have love talents and lack of love education, which will lead to loss of control when we break up. Chinese love often has too many add-ons, such as portals and bridesmaids, such as abuse, loyalty, etc., I am not promoting this drama. The extreme way of sensation, but the pure love without the secular constraints, just wants to make it touch people.” Tian Yuxin specially selected the “good looking, good-looking” Yin Tao to play Juliet, “Chongqing girl Yin Tao simple It’s ridiculous, interesting, and has a strong enthusiasm, and more importantly, it’s explosive on the stage.” For Li Guangjie who plays Romeo, Tian Yixin also has a higher rating: "Romeo should be masculine and masculine in my mind, a little decadent but very simple. Li Guangjie is such a Romeo."