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Name guide Chen Yiyi: 2014-04-21


The picture shows Chen Zaiyi rehearsing "Shen Sanjiang". (Photo by Ma Lingling) After more than 40 rounds of tour and several times of adaptation and polishing, the drama "Building Dreams" was renamed "Shen Sanjiang", and will be re-appeared at the Ningbo Grand Theatre on the 22nd and 23rd. Yesterday, the director of the drama, Yin Yayi, who directed the actor’s nervous rehearsal in Ningbo, accepted an interview with the reporter. She said: “One play is my pursuit. Now I’m rearranging the show, just like changing an old dress to a new one. It’s still harder to make a new piece of cloth than a whole piece of cloth. Although it is suffering in pain, I can’t give up because I love Shen Sanjiang.” The name of the play: “Shen Sanjiang” gives more the theme after the tour, listens After the opinions of the experts and the audience, "Building Dreams" not only changed the name of the play, but also adapted the plot, structure, and relationship of the characters, and became a brand new "Shen Sanjiang." Just the change of the title, let Chen Yiyi have a lot of interpretation. "The title of "Shen Sanjiang" is given by Shen Sanjiang, the protagonist of the play. After the title of the play is changed to "Shen Sanjiang", the character itself is more prominent and more themes are given to the play. "Building a Dream" is just a lot of Shen Sanjiang. One aspect of the character theme, his pursuit of faith, sincerity to friends, love for his wife, generosity to his subordinates, etc., the title of "Building Dreams" cannot be covered." Chen Saiyi believes that the theme is used to make the title Disadvantages, "When you look at Shakespeare's rich story, famous repertoires such as "Lear King", "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet" all use the name of the play, and then the famous repertoire of Mr. Cao Yu, such as "Beijingers" "Wang Zhaojun" also uses the name of the person to make the name of the play. Besides, there are Sanjiangkou in Ningbo, "Shen Sanjiang" not only carries the personal ideal, 'Sanjiang' and the meaning of Ningbo people." Chen Yayi also told reporters: "Shen Sanjiang He is a giant! Although he is a Ningbo businessman, he left his integrity and dedication to Wuhan University. He is a person with the spirit of Greater China. He is the Chinese nation. "Playing: Zheng Jian is the biggest success. Chen Wenyi, who won the Wenhua Award of the Ministry of Culture for 12 times, is too true on the stage. This time, the re-arrangement of "Shen Sanjiang", 76-year-old she insisted on rehearsing every morning from morning till night. The field, and the actors have a detail and a detailed "抠" play. At the rehearsal scene, in the third scene, "Shen Sanjiang is too powerful, he robbed us of the project... He has the right to have the power, this tone I can't swallow," she said, in response to the actor's tone, The expressions, the position and the coordination with the rhythm of the music were repeatedly guided, and they also went to the stage to demonstrate themselves. In the scene, Shen Sanjiang learned that Yao Mengxin was kidnapped, and at least 8 times of the eyes, movements, and lyrics starring Zheng Jian on the stage. . She is very strict with Zheng Jian's performance. She analyzes the psychological activities of the characters and the expressions of the characters. She emphasizes: "Too is not a play, too fake is not like a play, true and false is an art. It’s true that I really feel like it.” Although the sternness of Chen’s salary on the stage was notorious, let Zheng and other actors “afraid” her, but in the audience, she smiled and told the reporter: “Zheng Jian played very well. The first time to play such an important role, improve quickly, this time he played Shen Sanjiang is the biggest success of my director's play." In her view, Zheng Jian played Shen Sanjiang's skinny, small and small It is a typical Jiangnanese, but the heart is very strong and carries a heavy burden. "This kind of feminine appearance and strong personality form a huge contrast and more tension." Director: Pursuing a play, although engaged in stage play creation In the 60 years, the director staged nearly 100 works, but the director's drama, Chen Yayi, was the first time. Although she couldn't understand the drama at all, it did not prevent her from guiding and correcting the actors' performances and lyrics. Chen’s spirit of excellence in art was reflected in the rehearsal process of “Shen Sanjiang”. After the song was modified over and over again, she became more and more satisfied with the final presentation of the show. “The original rhythm is more compact. The relationship between the characters is also smoother, especially the performance level of the actors has been greatly improved.” Chen Saiyi said that he was completely worried about whether the director’s drama was similar to other dramas she directed such as drama, Huangmei opera and Cantonese opera. One play and one style is my pursuit. "Shen San Jiang" is different from my "Shangshang" and "Huizhou Women". It has its own style." In her view, Shen Sanjiang is a builder, the beauty of architecture in the play. The style of the Wuhan region in the 1930s was the feature of the play. “The interlude of Ningbo is interspersed with elements of the drama, and other elements such as drama can be added to make more people like to play.”