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"Romeo and Juliet" at the end of the month to see the modern version of the Romeo on the stage 2014-04-22


Sexy mermaid line, sexy mustache, and blurred eyes, this is also the Emperor Guangxu in "Towards the Republic", Gong Xiangguang, who bears the burden of humiliation in "Special Mission", Wang Wei, the newcomer to the workplace in "Du Lala's Promotion", "The Hawthorn Tree In love, the mature third child is forbearing? Li Guangjie, who appeared on the stage of the drama "Romeo and Juliet", turned into a handsome and affectionate Romeo. On April 29th and 30th, the National Theatre "Romeo and Juliet" will be staged at the Ningbo Grand Theatre. Recently, reporters telephoned Li Guangjie. Dressing up Romeo to do the subtraction "Shakespeare's play, and finally not excited to die, is sad and dead. Li Guangjie has this ability to lead the audience into the emotional, this is the charm of the drama actor." Tian Yixin directed "Romeo and Juliet" on the plot And the characters set up a "translation" of "grounding", while retaining the prototype and artistic temperament of Shakespeare's original story, and incorporating the Chinese context into the story. However, no matter how radical Tian Haoxin is, the plot framework of Romeo and Juliet can't be changed. Therefore, the skill of the actor is very important. Tian Xinxin has this confidence in Li Guangjie. This time, playing Romeo, Li Guangjie said that he would do "subtraction", throw away the usual techniques of performance, return to simplicity, and "find the feeling of being in love at the beginning of the year." Li Guangjie said that Romeo is actually a particularly simple person, much simpler than the characters he has played in the past. "Romeo is a sincere and enthusiastic person. He simply wants you to forget some of the ways of performing in the past to shape the characters. This character is very direct. When we were rehearsing, the director always said, you will use your most direct The way, Juliet said something to you, you responded in the most direct way, so that the two people love each other." Returning to the stage is charging for the love of performance, Li Guangjie returned to the stage of the drama, this process is He is like charging. He has been away from the stage for more than a decade since 2003. He simply compares himself to a battery. "In 2012, I realized that I was running out of power and needed charging, but I don't know what to do. And Romeo and Juliet let I have a process of recharging and packing my luggage again." The rehearsal field is a special existence for him. "I don't know why, standing there will be very fixed, my heart will be very quiet, I feel that the door is closed. The outside world has nothing to do with me. I am serious about facing a script and a character. All that remains is irrelevant to me. Every time I stand on the stage and see the seats underneath, that The mood is very different from the video we saw on the TV show."