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Spreading Ningbo to help the spirit of the era of positive energy 2014-04-24


Last night, the drama "Shen San Jiang" was adapted and performed at the Ningbo Grand Theatre. (Photo by Zhou Jianping) Yesterday, the first two nights, jointly developed by the Propaganda Department of Ningbo Municipal Committee and the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, and the drama “Shen Sanjiang” created by Ningbo Performing Arts Group Opera Troupe Co., Ltd. opened in Ningbo Grand Theatre. The prelude to the second round of tour. Since its debut on February 28, "Shen San Jiang" has toured more than forty games in various counties (cities) in Ningbo. Last night, the show was unveiled after gathering opinions from various experts and audience. The reporter found that the play has been adapted in terms of character relationship, story structure and development. For example, the heroine Yao Mengxin and Lin Yujie, who graduated from the University of Cambridge, England, changed from "lover" to "classmate". The third game was by Lin Yijie. Grab the bride to change his bride to rob the bride. In the fifth game, Shen Sanjiang added explanation and paving when he gave up the claim against Lin Jiejie. After the change, not only smoothed the emotional transformation of the characters, but also made the image of Shen Sanjiang more grounded. For the change of the title from "Building Dreams", the director of the show Chen Saiyi believes that on the one hand, there are Sanjiangkou in Ningbo, "Shen Sanjiang" not only carries the personal ideal, "Sanjiang" has the meaning of Ningbo people; on the other hand, "Shen Sanjiang" "This play name is more able to highlight the theme of the character itself. On the stage last night, starring in the national second-class actor Zheng Jianguang, the performances and vocals are more familiar than the last tour, taking Shen Sanjiang’s dreams, responsibilities, responsibilities, brotherhood, and husband and wife. The performance of the staff was really touching. Zheng Jian told reporters: "The role of Shen Sanjiang is a large age span, rich in inner drama, and very challenging. With the help and encouragement of the director, I carefully figure out the character and emotions of the characters and feel that they have greatly improved their performance. The theme of the times that the "Xinyi is the world, the patriotism and the love of the family" and the theme of the times that coincides with the realization of the "Education of Xingbang" Chinese dreams are also well received by the audience. Wang Yaocheng, a research expert at Ningbo, believes that the soul of the whole drama, the beauty of the stage, and the beauty of music are a good show of positive energy. At the same time, it has added a lot of new modernization to the old drama with more than 100 years of history. The elements are refreshing. In this regard, the famous drama master and starring Wang Jinwen said: "The development of the drama is promoted by high-grade dramas. "Shen Sanjiang" has cultivated young actors and promoted the artistic quality and aesthetic character of the opera. The drama is better passed down and promoted.” “Shen Sanjiang” will also go to the theaters of counties (cities) such as Ninghai, Beilun, Daxie Development Zone and Cixi. On May 11 and 12, there will be two performances at the Hangzhou Theatre. In mid-June, two performances will be performed at the Beijing Meilanfang Grand Theatre.