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Exciting the cultural vitality of Dongguan 2014-04-30


Dongguan: the beauty of the new city. (Zhang Chaoman) The original musical "Steel of the Steel" in Dongguan won the 14th Wenhua Award for outstanding drama and 4 individual awards. Book ATMs throughout the city extend cultural services to every corner. In recent years, the cultural construction of Dongguan City in Guangdong Province has achieved remarkable results, especially the public cultural services are in the forefront of the country. However, a few people have always had a prejudice against Dongguan culture. Recently, due to the exposure of “related to the yellow”, Dongguan’s urban image and cultural achievements have once again been questioned. Recently, Pan Xinchao, member of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter and told a Dongguan that is full of cultural vitality and blooms every day. Exhibition and promotion of Dongguan image around “four vitality”: Dongguan is one of the most highly regarded cities at home and abroad. For example, the secretary or mayor of Dongguan has been rated as “the most concerned local city leader of the year” by Renmin. . Why is Dongguan so much concerned? Pan Xinchao: First of all, because Dongguan has "five special market conditions." Special geographical location - Yijiang Riverside South China Sea, Guangzhou to Shenzhen, neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, vulnerable to foreign culture; special administrative structure - prefecture-level cities directly govern towns and streets, no county and county level District, administrative efficiency is high, management is difficult; special economic structure - foreign capital and private economy account for more than 75%, higher marketization level; special demographic structure - local household registration population of 1.889 million, foreign population exceeds 8 million, the ratio of foreign and local population is more than 4..1, the average age of permanent residents is 30.8 years old, and management services are more difficult; special urban and rural structure - 4 streets form the main city, 28 towns form satellite groups, urban and rural integration level Higher. Second, there are many media outlets in Dongguan. There are 7 direct media outlets in the city, more than 20 media outlets in Dongguan, 6 overseas TVs in Dongguan, more than 50,000 websites, more than 4 million netizens, and more than 4.7 million Sina Weibo users. The public opinion situation is very complicated and the response is relatively difficult. The market situation in Dongguan is special, especially in recent years, with the deepening of economic and social transformation, various sensitive events, mass incidents and emergencies have a tendency of “more contacts and lower ignition points”, which is easy to generate news; Dongguan as a reform and opening up Frontiers, transformation and upgrading first, relative to other cities often encounter problems earlier, and take the lead in exploring and solving problems, with the meaning of vane, easy to produce high-profile news; a large number of foreign population, each person has several even behind Dozens of people are paying attention to Dongguan, and will further spread news about Dongguan; developed communication, numerous news units and self-media, and extensive oral communication have intensified the news dissemination involving Dongguan. All these factors interact, making Dongguan often at the forefront of public opinion. The high concern of public opinion is pressure and motivation; it is supervision and it is also a suggestion. We must treat it correctly! Reporter: In the opinion of some people, Dongguan is a famous city in the world for manufacturing and a famous basketball city. It has the golden medals of “National Civilized City” and “National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Zone”. In the eyes of others, the “plants everywhere” are “cultural deserts”. How do we know the image of Dongguan? Pan Xinchao: "Looking at the side of the mountain into a peak, the distance is different." Different people observe Dongguan from different positions and perspectives. They will have different impressions and can be understood. However, we believe that the basic judgment of most people on a local image is generally consistent. In terms of cultural status, Dongguan is the opening place of China's modern history, the Dongjiang anti-Japanese base area, the frontier of reform and opening up, the transformation and upgrading of the first place, and the multicultural integration. From the perspective of urban characteristics, Dongguan is a city of continuous transformation and upgrading. The city of fusion of Heiner Rivers, the virtues and the pragmatism, the city of sports where the passion of sports is everywhere, the city of dreams, the city of dreams full of hope, the city of happiness where all dreams bloom, the city of vitality that “everything blooms every day” . As early as 2007, Dongguan took the promotion of the city image as an important measure to improve the city's soft power and promote transformation and upgrading. It launched the urban brand image development planning project, with the “colorful blooming Guanxianghua” as the city image logo and “vigor”. The core value of the city, “new and exciting every day” is the theme slogan, and the system promotes and promotes the image of Dongguan, which effectively enhances Dongguan’s popularity and reputation. In the past, many people only knew that Dongguan was “southern south of the South” and could not even read the correct pronunciation of the word “Wang”. Now these phenomena have completely changed. Dongguan was classified as a second-tier medium-sized city in the recent 2014 China City Rankings. This shows that the image of Dongguan in the eyes of the majority of netizens in the country is still very "high"! This is enough to make Dongguan people proud! Reporter: How do you view the impact of the exposure of the “Yellow-related” incident on the image of Dongguan? Pan Xinchao: "Good things don't go out, bad things pass thousands of miles." The "Yellow-related" incident revealed that the city's social management work is not in place and the spiritual civilization construction is insufficient. It really hurts the image of Dongguan's city. We are very sad. However, we can't complain about the media, but we should understand the media and thank the media. Because it is one of the media's duties to supervise and expose social issues. The media has smashed the "poisonous sores" in Dongguan. Although it affects the image of Dongguan, it also pushes us to face up. Check, treat the right medicine, cure the bones, reshape the image. At the same time, it should be noted that although this incident has caused many people to pay more attention to the "related to the yellow" side of Dongguan, the impact on Dongguan's overall image is only temporary and partial, and does not affect most people's history and comprehensiveness. A complete understanding of Dongguan will not affect the image of the basic subjects such as the frontiers of reform and opening up, the transformation and upgrading of the predecessors, the city of manufacturing, the city of basketball, and the city of vitality that Dongguan has established in the minds of most people. Reporter: How to effectively repair and enhance the image of Dongguan? Pan Xinchao: To enhance the image of Dongguan, the most important thing at present is to resolutely rectify the issue of “related to the yellow”, establish and improve a long-term supervision mechanism, and take the initiative to find and rectify problems in other areas and do a good job in various entities; at the same time , increase the promotion and promotion efforts. Among them, the former is "skin", the latter is "hair", the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached? Since the reform and opening up, Dongguan has adhered to the principle of “making the foundation, running the industry, and taking the right path” and has changed from the traditional agricultural county to the manufacturing city, which has won many reputations. Now, we are facing a crisis in the image of the city. We must also use facts to speak and rely on development to be famous. At present, we must comprehensively deepen reforms, adhere to the two-handed approach of material and spiritual civilization, and actively resolve problems in our work. Can't hope that contradictions and problems will not be discovered or exposed. If there is a problem, it will not be solved. "I can't hide from the first day." Propaganda work is by no means used to smear and cover up the problem. Every unit and every staff member must abide by the soil and do their utmost to resolve the contradictions and problems in the bud and create excellent performance. On this basis, do a good job in publicity and promotion, and repair and enhance the image of Dongguan. This year, we will continue to focus on the overall theme of “Vibrant Dongguan”, focusing on the economic vitality, sports vitality, cultural vitality and ecological vitality of Dongguan, so that Dongguan people will love Dongguan more and let foreigners know more about Dongguan. It is worth mentioning that folks have become an important force in promoting and maintaining the image of Dongguan. After the Spring Festival this year, the folks in Dongguan have created a series of literary and artistic works to promote Dongguan. Among them, "Our "Wan-style service"" was affirmed by the "People's Daily" commentary. The song MV "I Love Dongguan" is on the Internet. More than 10 million clicks. A writer in Shanghai posted a false criticism of Dongguan on Weibo, causing Dongguan netizens to argue with them and finally forced to apologize publicly. Recently, a cultural company in Dongguan, with its foreign friends watching Dongguan, released a private version of the Dongguan City Image Promotional Film at its own expense. This shows that the enthusiasm of Dongguan folk power to become the image ambassador of Dongguan and care for the image of Dongguan is very high. Next, we must guide and give full play to this enthusiasm. For example, we will carry out folk creative solicitation activities around the promotion and promotion of Dongguan image. Dongguan culture is full of vitality Reporter: As an important part of the city's image, Dongguan's cultural image is not prominent in the outside world, and even quite whispered. Not long ago, you asked the city's cultural workers to “enhance cultural self-confidence”. Where does this cultural confidence come from? Pan Xinchao: As a rapidly emerging emerging city, how to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of millions of foreign businessmen, many Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and foreigners who live in Dongguan is a big challenge for Dongguan. Through our many years of hard work, Dongguan culture has shown the development trend of rich traditional culture, prosperous modern culture and advanced culture, and has the confidence to gradually meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people. First of all, Dongguan has rich historical and cultural resources. Compared with the Central Plains, Dongguan's civilization history started late, but due to the unique natural conditions and the accelerated absorption of the Central Plains culture and overseas culture since the Song Dynasty, Dongguan culture has developed in the Ming Dynasty and modern times, accumulating rich historical and cultural resources. Taking celebrity culture as an example, here we have cultivated a number of people who have influenced China, such as Yuan Chonghuan, Lin Zexu, Chen Jingkai, Wang Zhidong and so on. At present, we are compiling and publishing the book "Dongguan People Affecting China". Second, Dongguan has a wealth of contemporary cultural resources. Since the reform and opening up, Dongguan has carried forward the spirit of dare to be the first in the world. While creating a brilliant material civilization, it has also created a dazzling spiritual civilization, which has produced a series of cultural phenomena, such as reform and innovation culture, open and inclusive culture, pragmatic and low-key culture, and thick De Charity Culture, Chongwen Reeducation Culture, Festival Exhibition Culture, Working Culture, Fashion Culture, etc., have explored a variety of “Dongguan Models” throughout the country. There are ten major concepts in Shenzhen that have a major impact in the country. Dongguan, which dares to be the first person, has a major impact on the country. Third, in recent years, many achievements in Dongguan's cultural construction have ranked in the forefront of the province. Looking at the whole country, Dongguan is the first demonstration area of ​​public cultural service system in China; it is the first city in China to propose the “Music Capital of Music”; the scale and grade of Dongguan Printing Exhibition ranks first in the country and second in Asia; The Expo (China International Film and Television Animation Copyright Protection and Trade Expo) is the second largest exhibition in the national animation industry; the production of original TV cartoons in Dongguan ranks third in the country; the comprehensive level of Dongguan Newspaper Group and Dongguan Radio and TV Station ranks nationally. The forefront of prefecture-level cities. From the perspective of Guangdong, Dongguan’s group works have won the championships of all provinces in the province for three consecutive years. The box office income has been stable for the third time in the province, the number of cultural industry legal entities and the value added of cultural industries are the fourth in the province. . Fourth, Dongguan's literary and artistic strength is generally compatible with economic strength. Last year, Dongguan's total GDP ranked 22nd in the country's cities, and in the second year of Shanda Literature's second "100-story literary city", Dongguan ranked 23rd in the country. Dongguan's literary and artistic creation team is huge and has a strong atmosphere. The city's literary and art associations have 245 national-level members, 918 provincial-level members, and 3,750 municipal-level members. In the past two years, a large number of literary and fine works have emerged in Dongguan and won numerous national awards. For example, the musical "Steel of the Steel" won the 14th Wenhua Award for outstanding drama and four individual awards, and the song "Footprint" won the ninth. The Chinese Music Golden Bell Award and the 16th Star Awards, Children's Dance "School Army" won the 16th Star Award and the song "Chinese Dream" won the 2011-2012 "Chinese Original Song" Award. Fifth, Dongguan culture is colorful. The “Our Festival” series of activities has formed a pattern of “one town, one product”, with more than 10 million people participating in it every year. There are more than 390 “Private Bureaus” in the city’s Cantonese opera, and various cultural competitions are emerging one after another. Thousands of performances of thousands of movies. The cultural Huimin activities lasted for many years. Guancheng’s “Cultural Weekend” series of activities lasted for 9 years, and invited Wang Meng, Mo Yan, Jia Pingwa, and Yu Guangzhong’s literary masters from home and abroad to hold lectures and the venue was full. The Yulan Grand Theatre, which opened for 9 years, has introduced nearly a thousand performances. Dongguan people can enjoy the same elegant performance at home by paying only one-third of the fares in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These cultural phenomena fully demonstrate that Dongguan culture is full of vitality, and we should be full of confidence! Formed a "five-in-one model" of musical production and sales Reporter: Dongguan City proposed the goal of building a "music capital" in 2007, what is the current effect? Pan Xinchao: We propose to make Dongguan a “music capital”, making musicals a new brand of urban culture in Dongguan, a new driving force for the development of urban cultural industries, and a new carrier for urban image communication. In recent years, the main achievements have been achieved: The city has cooperated with relevant parties to establish three musical production and production bases in Dongguan Tangxia, Dongguan Dongcheng and Dongguan Wangniudun. The 3rd Dongguan Musical Festival was held in 2007, 2009 and 2011, becoming the only city in China to host a musical festival. More than 40 musicals at home and abroad have been introduced in Dongguan, effectively cultivating the audience and market of musicals. Launched 8 musicals, including "Butterfly", "Love in Teresa", "Sanmao Wandering", "Ace Game", "Steel's Piano", "Mother Loves Me Again", "Wang Er's Long March" A total of more than 700 domestic and international business tours have been completed, with an average attendance rate of over 80%. In addition, the city's private enterprise Lianhua International Holdings Group invested in the production of the musical "Du Lala Promotion", as well as the children's musical drama "Blooming Peach Blossom" by Guancheng English Experimental School. At present, we are in the process of brewing and producing four musicals. Dongguan has become a high-production place for musicals. "Butterfly", "Love in Deng Lijun", "Sanmao Wandering", "Steel's Piano", etc. won the China Arts Festival, the Daegu International Musical Festival in Korea, and the "Five One in Guangdong Province" Project" and more than 10 important awards. Reporter: Some people think that the literary and artistic works produced by Dongguan in recent years, such as musical works, are not the Dongguan people, and they cannot be regarded as original works of Dongguan. How do you think about this statement? Pan Xinchao: At the beginning of the construction of the “Music Capital of Dongguan”, there are traces of individual repertoires that are indeed very heavy. However, through continuous exploration and improvement in recent years, we have formed the “five-in-one model” of Dongguan’s production and marketing of musicals. That is, “government support, index supervision, enterprise contracting, project organization, cinema marketing”, the level of localization is constantly improving. From the logic of jurisprudence, the production units of these musicals are registered, registered, and taxed in our city. The copyright of the works belongs to Dongguan. The works are rehearsed and premiered in the city, from Dongguan to the whole country and even overseas, and the creativity of the works is integrated. The hard work of Dongguan professionals is of course the original works of Dongguan. For the introduction of foreign talents cooperation and development culture, we must treat it objectively. The same is the use of external forces, why some people on the professional basketball team and foreign-funded enterprises, regardless of inside and outside, readily accepted, and Dongguan music dramas must be strong inside and outside? Is this a double standard for Dongguan's economic and cultural construction? The introduction of foreign cultural talents for construction is a common practice in the country and the world. It is not all local people who are engaged in literary and artistic creation in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Why do some people recognize that these cities introduce talents to jointly engage in art, but they are in Dongguan. The same behavior says irresponsible? Is this not a double standard for the cultural construction of different cities? Reporter: Next, how will Dongguan continue to promote the construction of the "Music Capital"? Pan Xinchao: Some of our practices in building musicals have been affirmed and supported by relevant national authorities and industry insiders and the media. In June last year, the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, and the Guangdong Provincial People's Government signed the "Framework Agreement on Joint Promotion of Cultural Construction", which will jointly create the China (Dongguan) International Musical Drama Festival. Currently we are preparing for the 4th Dongguan Musical Festival. "Southern Metropolis Daily" once commented that the construction of the "music capital" of Dongguan, "With six years of six musicals successfully tour the world, no one doubts that this fantasy is close to dreams." Therefore, although very few people have criticisms, we are still full of confidence in building a "music capital" and will continue unswervingly. Next, we will continue to adhere to the spirit of reform and innovation, an open and inclusive attitude, and in line with the principle of "not asking for everything, but seeking for it; not asking for it, but seeking for it", attracting outstanding foreign artists to participate in the cultural construction of Dongguan. Constantly increase the vitality of cultural development. At the same time, to further explore and improve the production and marketing mode of musical dramas, we can take advantage of the large number of private enterprises in our city and the strength of their strengths, and mobilize enterprises to participate in the investment and promotion of musical dramas, and combine the promotion of Dongguan enterprises and musical dramas. Both social benefits and economic benefits are harvested. While introducing foreign talents to create and produce musicals, we will focus on improving the localization level of musicals, and strive to localize the performance team and localize the content theme. For example, "Mother Loves Me Again", based on more than 80 performances in the previous performance, will try to be adapted into a 90-minute square version, all performed by local music troupes. Another example is Wangniudun Town, which will produce two musicals, "The Next Export" and "Vegetable Story". The former aims to tell the story of Dongguan in the form of musicals, while the latter will use the Olympic vegetable base in Wangniudun. The material is the first children's acrobatic musical in the country. Music creation into the blowout period Reporter: Since last year, Dongguan City has promoted the song "Chinese Dream". The main theme of creating such a major theme is often fiercely competitive and unrewarding. How is Dongguan considered? Pan Xinchao: The song "Chinese Dream" is an original music work created by Dongguan. The reason why we organize the creation and promotion of this song is mainly because Dongguan has a special relationship with the "Chinese Dream" - from the 1839 Humen cigarette sales to the 1840 Opium War, the chapter of China's modern history was unveiled from Dongguan; Since the reform and opening up, the city has rapidly changed the situation of poverty and backwardness, and embarked on the road of prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony, which has become a wonderful and vivid epitome of reform and opening up. Therefore, Dongguan people have a special feeling about the "previous life and life" of the "Chinese Dream." General Secretary Xi’s visit to the “Revival Road” exhibition puts forward the “Chinese Dream”. When it comes to “being lagging behind”, we can’t help but remind us of this sentence in the commentary of the Dongguan Naval War Museum. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Dongguan’s contribution to the country in material civilization construction is obvious. For example, in 2013, the total fiscal revenue from Dongguan was nearly 100 billion yuan, of which nearly 60 billion yuan was turned over to the central and provincial finances; Dongguan has solved the employment of more than 6 million laborers, most of whom are migrants; migrant workers and business people remit more than 20 billion yuan each year through Dongguan Post to promote the wealth of millions of families; Dongguan counterpart support for many years Xinjiang, Tibet, Sichuan, Guangxi, Chongqing and the eastern, western and northern regions of the province have nearly 4 billion yuan of property. However, in terms of cultural construction, there have not been such a large-scale masterpieces such as "The Story of Spring" and "Into the New Era". Therefore, the cultural image of Dongguan is still fragile and vague, and we urgently need to forge ahead and overcome difficulties. And make a greater contribution. The original song "Chinese Dream" in Dongguan aims to promote and promote the "Chinese Dream" in the form of popular songs. Since its launch at the end of 2012, it has been sung in the north and south with simple lyrics, beautiful melodies and sincere emotions. The stage of dozens of major cultural evenings, such as the Spring Festival Gala, won many awards such as the Excellent Creation Award of the "Beautiful China" theme of the Chinese Music Association and the China Original Song Award of the China Radio and Television Awards 2011-2012. Reporter: The construction of “Lingnan Fine Cultural City” is an important part of Dongguan's cultural city construction. In recent years, how does Dongguan encourage and promote the production of fine arts and literature? What is the result? Pan Xinchao: In recent years, in order to build a “Lingnan Cultural Boutique City”, we have implemented “four-wheel drive” for team building, event design, key counseling and boutique promotion, and promoted the production of fine arts represented by song creation. After several years of hard work, the music creation in Dongguan has become a grand view and entered the blowout period. The city's annual output of original songs has reached more than 130. The original song "Footprint" has won the 9th Golden Bell Award, the 10th China Arts Festival Star Award, the National Working Song Creation Competition Silver Award, and the song album "Flower" won the ninth. The Lu Xun Literature and Art Award of Guangdong Province. All of these indicate that the music creation in Dongguan is becoming a veritable leader in the province with a neat team and excellent standards.