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15 teams from the city showcase their style 2014-05-06


The Yuexing Opera of the City Stars Yue Opera Troupe. Beginning on May 10th, the city's fans will welcome the annual feast - the 4th "Pearl Garden" in Ningbo, hosted by the Municipal Federation of Literary and Artists and the Drama Association, and the Yinzhou District Press and Publication Bureau. The drama show will be held at the Yifu Theatre in Ningbo and the Guangde Lake Theatre in Jizhou Port of Zhangzhou. 15 teams will showcase their respective styles. The Yifu Theatre, one of the organizers, also invited the Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion" of the Suzhou Kunqu Theatre as the finale, and played at the Yifu Theatre on the evening of May 18. “Meeting Pear Garden” is a brand of fan friends created by the Municipal Dramatists Association. It has launched three types of performance competitions: team games, fan friends and campus students for three consecutive years. More than 1,000 fans from the city and surrounding cities participated. Among them, the drama enthusiasts provided a display platform from “I appreciate my participation”, which invigorated the mass drama stage in Ningbo, discovered and excavated a group of young and excellent drama seedlings, and cultivated more drama lovers. . According to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, there have been 26 winners who have won awards in the “Pearl Garden” competition, and recommended to participate in the provincial and even national drama ticket contests, including 7 national “Little Plum Blossoms” awards. The 4th "Pearl Garden" drama show was attended by 15 teams from the city, which were respectively recommended by 11 county (city) district dramatists' associations and 4 teams directly under the Municipal Drama Association. Each team will contribute. The most popular programs exchanged on stage, including the classic traditional repertoires such as Yue Opera's "Five Women's Birthday", "Pearl Tower" and "Dream of Red Mansions". Among them, Ningbo City Stars Yue Opera Society will perform the Yue Opera "Home" as the opening drama at the Shaw Theatre. Due to the limited performance of the exhibition, in order to provide more opportunities for the majority of the fans, many teams combined to perform the performance of the group. For example, the Zhangzhou District will combine the Xianxiang Lijiang Yue Opera Troupe and the Zhonggong Temple Tianhong Yue Opera Troupe to perform the Yue Opera drama "Dream of Red Mansions". The big show has implemented low fare operation. At present, most of the repertoires have sold more than 80% of the tickets, and individual repertoires have been sold out.