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All-media action "fans" to follow the Grand Canal "continuous live broadcast" 2014-05-06


As of yesterday, the press release, "The Grand Canal: Our Future Life", the whole media operation spanned Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and the two provinces, with a journey of 2,800 kilometers, ending the interview of the fourth station Hengshui, and sent back five reports and won A lot of fans, some readers follow our reports every day, saying that our report is "The Grand Canal TV series." The two commercial vehicles that were used in the all-media operation were posted on the outside of the body: “Ningbo: a city that smashes the land of silk and sea, the end of the Chinese Grand Canal, the opening of the Maritime Silk Road”, interviewed Wherever the car went, it caught the attention of the coastal residents. When we heard that we were from the media in Ningbo, all the people provided us with warm help and introduced us to the Grand Canal as much as possible. Under the Tongzhou Burning Pagoda, from the southernmost part of the Grand Canal, Ningbo, to the end of Beijing, from the Jilin Province of Jilin Province, the Chinese Grand Canal, the 64-year-old Yu Guihai, after seeing reporters from Ningbo, I am very happy to say that the promotion of the Grand Canal is proud of every citizen. The action of the Ningbo media to promote the Grand Canal is very meaningful. It not only promotes the Grand Canal itself, but also promotes the city of Ningbo and makes the city of Ningbo more. People understand and pay attention. Readers and netizens expressed their support and concern for this action after reading the report. Netizen "Scorpio" said that these reports are like a daily episode of the Grand Canal TV series. From this, we have seen many cultures, beautiful scenery and customs along the Great Canal of China, and have benefited a lot. Netizen "walker Zhang" said: "After reading your report, I realized that the historic Grand Canal has not disappeared into memory, and it is still irrigating farmland to nourish the lives of the people." He also hopes to see more of the Grand Canal. It carries reports of historical vicissitudes. After seeing the reporter’s May Day holiday insisting on interviews and long-distance travel, some netizens sent a condolence to the reporter. The netizen drug told reporters that “it’s too hard, pay attention to take care of the body!”, the netizen’s glory is: “Work It is beautiful, and the reporters working on Labor Day are undoubtedly beautiful and glorious."