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Completion of the Cangze Stone Carving Museum in Zhangzhou 2014-05-08


The picture shows the citizens visiting the museum. (Photo by Nanhua) Yesterday, the garden-style museum, which was composed of ancient buildings and ancient stone carvings, was completed. More than 7,000 pieces of stone carvings were unveiled and unveiled. The museum named "Gengze Stone Carving Museum" means "cultivation as the foundation, Ze is the lake and mountains". There are 6 ancient buildings with Ming and Qing architecture, with a construction area of ​​more than 6,200 square meters, including the Lijiang River that has migrated from the lower Yingjiang Lu Village. The former residence of Ming Dynasty is also easily rebuilt here. The entrance to the museum is the two bas-reliefs of the Song dynasty. Walking in, the stone carvings piled up in the rooms, courtyards, promenades and roads are countless. They are divided into farming, home, temples, bridges and water conservancy building components, stone carving auspicious patterns. In several major categories, there are more than 700 stone drums and stone lions, more than 500 pieces of stone grinding and other agricultural tools, more than 300 stone windows, and more than 60 meritorious monuments. The curator Dai Wentu collected stone collections for nearly 30 years. These stone exhibits showcase the stone carving culture with Ningbo characteristics.