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The author of the comic strip "The Railway Guerrilla" 2014-05-09


The picture shows the oil painting of the Railway Guerrilla. One of the authors of the comic strip "The Railway Guerrilla", the first solo exhibition of the famous painter Han Heping "War and Peace - Han Heping Art Exhibition" was held at the Ningbo Art Museum yesterday, exhibiting 150 oil paintings, Chinese paintings, comic strips, etc. Most of them are works created by painters in the 21st century, including 12 "railway guerrillas" repainted by oil painting between 2006 and 2008. The famous serial painter, national painter and oil painter Han Heping was born in Harbin in 1932. He graduated from the East China Branch of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1953 (now the China Academy of Art) and later became the creator of the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House. He is one of the inheritors of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, comic strip, and enjoys a high reputation in the comic strip world. The "Railway Guerrilla" comic strip, which was co-operated with the comic strip artist Ding Bin, began to be created in 1954 and was published in 1962. It lasted for nine years and won the first prize of the first Chinese comic strip competition. Later, this set of books was reprinted more than 20 times, and the total number of prints was more than 36 million. It was the most printed work in the history of comic strips, and it had a great influence in that era. Han Heping later independently created comic strips such as "Spring Silkworm", "Dian Shang Fei Bing", "Liu Shaoqi in Anyuan", and won wide acclaim in the industry. "Red Rock", which was co-operated with others, won the national comic strip award. Han Heping also created the Chinese folk art wonders - Jinshan peasant paintings. During the Cultural Revolution, he was decentralized to experience the rural life in Fengjing Town, Jinshan District. During this period, he combined the superb painting techniques with the local folk art to create a world-oriented Jinshan peasant painting. Han Heping lived in Fengjing for a long time, paying attention to the study of Wuyue culture, and created a series of oil paintings such as "Wu Gen Yuejiao" and "Railway Guerrilla" and a large number of Chinese paintings. Yesterday, Han Heping, who was over 80 years old, introduced the creation process of the oil painting "The Railway Guerrilla". "The Railway Guerrilla" has one point. My friends and students hope that I will use the color to express the "railway guerrillas". Under their encouragement, I drew 12 pictures. The Shandong we went to was desolate and yellow land, which was truly reflected in the 12 oil paintings.” He twice mentioned the comic books of Ningbo people. "He is the top figure in the comic strip world." Yesterday, Han Heping donated the painting "Snow Yan" to the Ningbo Museum of Art and held the "Han Heping Picture Art Workshop" in the afternoon. The exhibition will last until the 19th.