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Cross-border artist Ma Xingwen - Ningbo Exhibition 2014-05-13


Part of the "Dancing Chinese Water Drops" work yesterday afternoon, at the entrance of the Ningbo Museum of Contemporary Art, several drop-shaped stainless steel sculptures caused the curiosity of the passing people. Someone stopped here and looked at it carefully. In fact, this large-scale sculpture is very popular, it was unveiled at the 55th Venice International Art Biennale. This work is called "Dancing Chinese Water Drops" and comes from the hands of Ma Xingwen. Ma Xingwen from Hong Kong has many talents, such as painting, sculpture, sound, video, and design, and therefore has the name of a “cross-border artist”. At the age of eight, he began to study with the famous Chinese painter Fan Zideng. Now he has become a teacher of many famous people. An insider told reporters: "Aaron Kwok has followed Ma Xing's literary Chinese painting for several years!" The sculpture is only part of Ma Xingwen’s “Dancing Water Drops” international tour. Around the Ningbo Museum of Contemporary Art, there are "water droplets" of various materials. This exhibition was exhibited in Milan, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and Ningbo is the last stop. In an interview with reporters yesterday, Ma Xingwen said that the “Dancing Chinese Water Drop” works are inspired by Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest. “I am inspired by nature.” In Ma Xingwen’s view, art is not in the museum, art It is used to impress people. "I said that I am good at water. I have integrated the Chinese concept of water into my work." It is reported that his other 20 pieces of water droplets will be like big yellow ducks in the future. Hong Kong Victoria Harbour debut.