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Children's play "I love fables" 2014-05-14


Yesterday, the children's multimedia music game "I Love Fables" starred by the sisters of Zhou Ping, Zhou Lai, Qi Lai Mi, Jin Dou, Sesame, Du Yue and other CCTV Children's Channels held a press conference in Beijing. Mouth" is a performance at the Poly Theatre on June 8th and a national tour on the Poly Line in the summer. The show will be on August 16th at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre. Sui Ping’s sister enjoys the life of the big butler. “I can’t dance. I just didn’t keep up with the two moves. I’m the best here.” Yan Ping’s sister in a purple dress smiled and was full of affinity. She joked that she was pulled into the "I Love Fables" team because of "big name and long work." Now she is turning more energy behind the scenes. "When people reach an age, they should do what they should do at this age. I still have 12 years to retire." She said that she has retired from life behind the scenes as a life of a big butler. "I give my colleagues a bonus, and I divide my labor insurance supplies. People must be content with the music, or they will be old." Yan Ping is a figure in the days of the Chinese children's program. She now hopes to help more young people to go to the stage. The three generations of children's channel "name mouth" to create five minutes have interactive, on-site dressup, big-name join, "I love fables" is not the same as the average children's play. "I Love Fables" makes the CCTV Children's Channel, the old and middle-aged gold medal hosts, gather for the first time in the same original children's drama. It is also the first Chinese children's music game that was produced and participated in the first three generations of children's channel "Mouth". drama. In the play, the stars can appear in any corner of the theater to invite children to play games. "I Love Fables" takes the familiar story of "Turtle and Hare Racing" as the main line: the tortoise and the rabbit are going to have a unique race, the referee and the cheerleaders all appear... In this race, several fables The story is interlocking. The children will play games and quizzes together with the actors. They will meet Zhou Zhou, Qi Lai Mi, Jin Dou, Sesame, Du Yue, the day of playing the pig, donkey, big dog. And the little mice and other giants, they will also tell the children a new fable story outside the main line. According to reports, "I Love Fables" will present Han Qiaosheng and famous figures such as Wang Wei, the playwright of the TV series "Severe Cases", on the stage by multimedia means.