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"Little Mermaid" takes you on a tour of the underwater world 2014-05-14


On June 12th, at 7:30 pm, the Children's Day gift was hailed as the "European Best Children's Ballet" and the "Children's Ballet Miracle" of the Ukrainian Children's Ballet. The classic children's ballet was staged at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre. Little Mermaid. The reporter traveled with more than 1,000 Yangcheng audiences and the Little Mermaid to enjoy the colorful underwater world and experience the most beautiful fairy tale endings in memory. It is reported that on May 24th, the original group of the dance troupe will perform two ballet "Little Mermaid" in the Yifu Theatre in Ningbo. The fiery interaction of the fantasy show made the ballet "Little Mermaid" both modern and transcendence. This highly dramatic fairy tale is divided into two distinct parts: the simple sea creature world and the beautiful land human world. Different from other versions of "Little Mermaid", the Ukrainian Children's Ballet Edition was staged by a children's actor. The youngest of the 30 little actors is 10 years old, and the youngest is only 16 years old, but they all have superb dancing skills. In the play, the costumes of fairy tales such as mermaid princess, prince, clownfish, starfish, and octopus are very childlike, and the new arranger scores for the children’s audience make the whole drama dreamlike, like in the world imagined by children. The same goes out. It is also the performance of the childhood actor, "Little Mermaid" restores the imagination of the small audience to the fairy tale, and the stage and stage form a warm interaction and resonance. In the middle of the performance, Natalia Lerenfskaya, head of the Ukrainian Children's Ballet, led the little actors to the audience. The 68-year-old head of the year was lightly demonstrating and demonstrating the way and the various styles. And dancing like a spin. Infected by the atmosphere of the scene, thousands of spectators in the audience stood up and took the initiative to learn ballet. The live atmosphere was lively and lively, and the audience was filled with the dreams and vitality of children's ballet. As Lerenfuskaya said after the performance, "Breaking children's ballet not only spreads art, but also loves education. This may be a night to change a child's life." In order to convey love and art, it is not easy for Lerenfskaya to come to China. Affected by the situation in Ukraine, Kharkov was cancelled by the Moscow route. The Ukrainian Children's Ballet was originally scheduled to be disrupted by Moscow. The plan was to be disrupted. They had to travel to and from China along the way through Argentina. The Ukrainian Children's Ballet is performing for the fifth time this year. The children's ballet such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Little Mermaid" add up to 100 games this year. Moreover, the 100th event happened to be the "Little Mermaid" staged in Ningbo on May 24. Before the dance party Zhongwu Children's Ballet performed on the same occasion, the organizers Ningbo Ningbo Whirlwind and the Guangzhou Grand Theatre Open Master Class invited the actors of the Guangzhou Grand Theatre Children's Ballet. The reporters and ballet lovers went to the scene to observe the rehearsal and daily posture of the best children's ballet group in Europe and Asia, and to feel the style of the famous group dramas. The dances of the little dancers are soft and tenacious, and the elegance of professional dancers is reflected everywhere. The choreographer of the Ukrainian Children's Ballet, Edgar, and the retired actor, the dance teacher Sorofuyova Olena, are on the sidelines. Although the little dancers of both sides of China and Uganda are not fluent in language, they still have a tacit understanding of each other. According to the organizer of the event, Dr. Chu Fenglei, Dr. Ukrainian Culture, the Ukrainian Children's Ballet Master Class will be moved to Ningbo on May 23, inviting the children of Aiju Art School and Baoyun Kindergarten to create children and top dance groups. The opportunity to interact and perform on the same stage.