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CCTV International Channel will show "Beautiful Ningbo" tonight 2014-05-19


The reporter learned from the Municipal Party Committee's Outreach Office that from today to the 26th, CCTV-4's "Happy Chinese" column will broadcast the Ningbo series of special programs. Six episodes of "Tianyige Legend", "Whale Watching", "Exploring Ningbo Ocean World", "Blooming Red Peony", "People Collecting Houses", "Shili Red Makeup", etc. will pass CCTV Chinese The international channel shows the beauty of the humanities, the beauty of the landscape and the beauty of development to the Chinese-speaking audience around the world. "Learning Chinese, friends all over the world!" "Happy Chinese" is a special program of Chinese and Chinese culture promoted by CCTV's Chinese International Channel. It uses one-to-one and two exterior moderators to experience travel and "actually teach Chinese." In the form of the beautiful mountains and rivers of the land of China, the terroirs and the outstanding people. Under the meticulous organization of the city's overseas propaganda and the Municipal Tourism Administration, the program team launched a week-long filming work in the city in mid-April. The two presenters staged a lively and humorous scene at Tianyige Museum, Xiangshan Shipu Fishing Port Ancient Town, Ningbo Ocean World, “Red Peony” Exchange, Cangzhou Home Museum, Ninghai Qiantong Ancient Town (Shili Red Makeup) and other places. The sitcom. From May 19th to 26th, the audience can enjoy the customs of Ningbo from the CCTV-4 "Happy Chinese" program at 10:45 pm, and witness the "Beautiful Ningbo" to the world. The replay time is 9:45 from Tuesday to Friday.